Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Trim - great room, upper level

Tuesday, November 1

Now that we're done with the bamboo flooring, our trim carpenter, Jim, could install the baseboards, in the ares he was holding off for the flooring. Unfortunately, we hadn't expected that he would start it today and we hadn't cleaned up our tools, so Tim spent the morning blitzing the house.

Jim installed the rest of the black trim on top of the kitchen cabinets. We had to wait with that, until now, cause we had to order more of the molding, due to not enough originally being ordered. It comes natural, then I spray painted it black, cause I didn't want brush lines in it.

The house looks so much more finished, now that it has the base trim around the flooring. Now we just have to find the time to putty, sand and poly it. We'll be doing that, in between the important stuff though. The most important things we need to finish are the ones that will give us temporary CO (certificate of occupancy) so that we can close and not be incurred anymore late fees. The largest part of that will be the stairway railings and finishing the bathroom shower tiles.

Our plumber was here today and re-installed the upper toilet, as well as installing the lower toilet. It was such a relief to finally see the lower toilet in place. To me, it kinda signified the ridiculous plumbing issues finally having resolution.

I started thinking today about how glad I am that people over at Robar, our lenders, esp Brett and Tammy have been awesomely understanding and very sympathetic to our situation, with the plumbing and Independent Barden Dealer mess that we have. And we thank them for their understanding for a late closing. Things are looking up though and we'll be able to put all of this behind us soon.

After work, we cleaned and blitzed the house and the garage. Our carpets are getting installed tomorrow!!! They asked us for al least half of the garage, for work space. It had taken us a while to re-organize all the tools and clean everything, but we managed to get everything out of the way for them. I can't wait to see the carpets! I'm so psyched!

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