Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Day after chipper-shredder

Tuesday, March 29

I figured I'd drive by the lot on the way to work this morning to see the lot in the day light. I stopped by last night, but I wanted to get a pic of in the daylight this morning. It was so sad seeing all the little trees gone :(

I have to try and remember that I'll be planing new (beautiful) ones soon.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Chipper Shredder

Monday, March 28

Today I took a couple hours off of work this morning to talk to the chipper-shredder guy. He's going to clear the land where the house will go, so that the surveyor can stake off the placement of the house.

I drove by every 1/2 hr or so to see if he was there yet. The truck carrying the bulldozer was there on the side of the road, but no chipper shredder guy yet. My 3rd trip over there, I had taken with my Mom, and they were there. They had already started clearing around the pine tree. It was so cool to see it without any thing in the way of its view.

I talked to the chipper-shredder guy and explained where the house will be and what to clear. He told me that they'll clear for where the house will be and some of the front trees and leave the rest for us to decided. They'll come back later on during the construction and remove anything we decide not to keep.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Clearing driveway

Friday, March 25

This morning was the start of the clearing of the lot. I drove by the lot about 10:30am and they had started about 2 hrs prior. The trees were already cleared when I had gotten there and they just had started on covering the driveway with gravel. I automatically called Tim and my parents.

It was very cool to watch the gravel being dumped. The gravel was hulled to the lot by 2 very large trucks. We found out that both were very new... the one just had 150 miles on it. They had large conveyer belts that moved the gravel from the truck to the ground by dumping off this belt and basically sprayed and spread it all over the ground. It was surprisingly fairly controlled where the gravel fell off the belt.

It was sad to see the trees gone, but after some trees were cleared, the pine tree that I like was revealed to be a very cool looking tree. I definitely want to keep it!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Suppose to clear land

Thursday, March 24

Well... they were suppose to start clearing the land today, but it didn't happen. I was disappointed, but I know that this was all short notice to everyone to clear the land.

I kept going out there periodically cause of my inner debate about saving trees. Tim and I are in much debate about the Trees. Me being from a more outdoorsy/rural type of background and Tim being from a development/cul-de-sacs is causing some friction, but I'm sure we'll both be happy with a bit of compromising.

If I could, I'd probably save them all, but I know that's not possible. They are not the most beautiful trees, but honestly, it doesn't bother me that some of them are ugly ducklings..... I actually rather like the uniqueness of them that way.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Met w/ Excavator

Wednesday, March 23

Today I took a 1/2 day at work and Tim and I met with our excavators at 10am at the lot.

Prior to meeting with them, I made up a diagram In Illustrator (being the goofy Graphic Designer that I am) of the property with the placement of where the house, driveway and tress we want to try and keep. As we were walking the property, he said it was very helpful to have.

We walked the property with the 2 excavators. They measured how far back the front and back of the house would be, to give us a better idea of what tress had to go. After staking that, it was evident that there aren't a whole lot of trees we feel we'll be able to save.

Tim and I walked the property after they left and started marking keepers with tape. It was very interesting walking around the lot. It wasn't very easy to walk through all the trees and brush to mark things off. In fact... it was amusing at one point... some ice starting cracking underneath me, where it's a big swampy, and Tim tried to stop me from falling. Unfortunately, after I feel through, Tim was too close and so do he. Having your feet submerged in a foot of ice water, on a 30 degree day, is NOT fun..... but I bet it will make for a funny story in the future.

As far as the trees go.... it was pretty sad. All the trees we'd love to keep are in the front, right smack where the house and septic will be going. In the front are the nice plump trees and then it tapers off to brush at the end.... so the areas we will be able to keep, will probably be the goofy brush. Figures!

Later, after I got to work, during an im with my Mom, she pep-talked me and said starting over won't be so bad.... and reminded me of the trees we planted, not long ago, that are huge now.

Talked to Tim - Mike called.... he said that he ordered the Superior Walls and they should be delivered by the 7th of April. And a couple of days prior, the hole will be dug for them. He also said that the AdvanTech floors turned out to be about 200 more than the plywood, but in the whole scheme of it, Tim and I both agreed it's worth it. Also... the samples for our stone veneer are in and told Tim he could pick them up.

Talked to Tim again - He said he talked to Mike again. He said that they'll clear the driveway tomorrow morning. I guess the surveyor wants to stake out the house on Monday... so they are pushing the excavator to clear the land asap. So.... they'll do the driveway, then in the afternoon, bring in the "Big" trucks and clear the lot.
I was like "woah that was fast!" I wasn't expecting this to happen til next next week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

made appt to meet with Excavator

Tuesday, March 22

Today I got a call from Tim. He talked to the excavator and made an appointment for us to meet him at the lot tomorrow morning at 10am. There we will talk to him about where we're going to locate things and which trees we hope to keep.

I'm very excited!!!! This is the first step to things underway! I've got butterflies :)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Meet Mike @ new builds (AdvanTech)

Saturday, March 12

Today we're meeting with Mike at a couple of new builds to discuss flooring. He wants us to decide b/w traditional plywood and some new type of flooring named AdvanTech, by Huberwood. Mike wanted us to see it because our house will only be the 2nd time they'll get the chance to use this product.

AdvanTech(R) flooring and sheathing panels are high-performance structural panels specifically engineered to provide more water resistance and stability than plywood. It fits together with tongue and grove, which gives more stability. In addition, AdvanTech comes with a 50-year limited warranty. AdvanTech panels are warranted not to require sanding due to moisture absorption during installation.

We met with Mike at the 1st house, which had the traditional plywood. There he showed us the typical and normal problems that occur after installation. He pointed out areas that were raised or low, as well as watered damaged areas that they have to replace or sand down. He said all were normal issues they have to deal with while building in more wet times of the yr.

We followed him to the other new build after that that they used AdvanTech on. That house is actually their new model house. This was significant to Tim and I, cause we knew that they wouldn't be using it on that house, if they didn't believe in the product. Also, we were told that Fred's son swears by it.

Well.... we were definitely impressed. It hadn't bucked nor warped. It was completely flat and smooth. Tim asked what I thought.... I just kinda looked up and smiled and said "I'm sold... let's do it!" Considering the fact that we're going to be doing our own installation of hardwood floors..... yeah.... the smoothness definitely excited me.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Permits are in!

Thursday, March 10

We just got word today that the permits from GI are fiiiiiiiiinally in! This means that we can meet with the excavator on the lot now. It also means that the superior walls cal be ordered finally.