Wednesday, July 28, 2004

We chose Barden

Wednesday, July 28

We decided we liked Barden. We met a Barden rep at one of the model homes and she gave a great impression of what Barden is about.

On the other hand.... I rarely truly butt-heads with people, but the man we met with from the "other' builder was waaaaay too arrogant for my liking.

In the last couple of days I have been researching and looking up plan ideas on-line trying to decided what I like and dislike about house designs. I decided that I like fairly contemporary designs and ranch type homes. I am a lover of Frank Lloyd Wright, ranch homes and Ikea furniture. Tim, seems to like more two-story or split-level home designs, but he's also fairly contemporary minded. I printed out some designs that I like and figured that would give, which ever builder a good idea what was on my mind.

Well... the person we had met at the "other" builder totally and completely irritated me. Not only was he arrogant, but stated that contemporary was "old style". I was like.... do you not know what the word "contemporary" means? Then he got even more under my skin after Tim had mentioned his parents built 2 other homes with another builder.... he then insulted us by saying "ooh yeah, they're one step above renting".

He had gone on and on about how he loved the design of the model home, which I didn't particularly like. He mentioned that he like the kitchen cabinets. At that point I was so irritated I actually said "well... do you have any other designs, cause I tend to like Ikea designs and these are way too foo-foo for me". He actually asked "who" Ikea was. I just looked at Tim and said "oh that's it we are so outta here".

When we got to our Barden Homes appt.... guess what the first question I asked was? Yep.... "what do you think of Ikea". She said.... ooo.... I love Ikea. I smirked at Tim and said I liked her already.

The Barden rep started showing us the catalog and wouldn't ya know it, Tim and I pointed to the same house at the same time and stated we like it. She smiled and said that was funny, cause she just finished building that particular home for herself. The name of it is "Valley Forge". I love how these builder all name the designs.

The Valley Forge was not only a design that we both liked, but was in our price range as well. It's not a ranch, but has a ranch look to it. It's actually a split-level. The sketch in the catalog shows it with board & batten siding, which is a vertical siding.

Here's the best part..... Barden lets you be your own general contractor..... which means we'd have a lot of control over everything. Not only that, but we could do as much or as little work on the house ourselves that we wanted to. This meaning that, if we wanted to, we could do things like, painting or put in our own floors.

Tim and I both looooved the look of the Valley Forge and the feeling we got about what kind of a company Barden is..... so... we'll see where this takes us.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Barden appt - Valley Forge

Tuesday, July 27

Well... today Tim and I have an appointment at Barden Homes.

Actually we have 2 appointments, the first one is with another builder and the 2nd is with Barden. We don't know anything about building, so we're going to try a couple of places. Barden was recommended by Tim's parents, who had heard very good things about them.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Building a house?

Monday, July 26

So... here I am, possibly ready to embark on the craziest adventure of my life, 2nd to getting married next yr..... the possible planning of building a house.

So far, the reception of this idea has been diverse. Mom seems all for what ever feels right for Tim and I. On the other hand, Dad is definitely on the leery side of things. He just wants me to make a good choice.

Not sure how to feel about all this at the moment. It's scary and exciting all rolled into one. Wish there was an easy choice what to do and which way to go.... build or buy. Hmmmm..... tough one.