Friday, March 31, 2006

Panel Curtains - more suppiles

Friday, March 31

Ok.... feeling better... and since poophead virus is almost gone, I decided to make an Ikea run, with my parents after work today.

We had gone up there for more panel curtain supplies. I needed a few more panels and also some tracks....... but mostly I just wanted to go cause I can't get enough of that place :)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

still sick

Thursday, March 30

yep still sick.

:( I want to work on my house man.....

poophead virus

Monday, March 27, 2006

sick day

Monday, March 27

Today I feel like poop and didn't do a darn thing...... even had taken the day off from work. It just killed me... killing me I tell ya!, All I wanted to do is work on the house. I kept looking at everything and saying to myself...... self... you could be do this.... or that... or that. darn poophead virus.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Panel Curtains - Master Bed & Great Room

Sunday, March 26

Today we finished up installing the panel curtains in the master bedroom and started on the panel tracks in the great-room.

We started with suspending the track for the back window in the master bedroom. Since nothing would obstruct the area near the back window, we decided to hang the panels all the way from floor to ceiling. It's such a different look than traditional curtains. It's contemporary, but it gives such an elegant diffused light effect. I completely love it....... love it.

The great room...
In the great room, we started with the front window. Unfortunately, due to limited space beyond the window, the panels won't be able to be opened completely off the window. Also, due to the cubby hole sort-of-area, in order to hang the panels, the tracks have to be installed with the panels slid on them already. Traditionally the tracks are attached to the wall and then the panels slide into the tracks, but I found this out the hardway not enough room to slide the panels into the tracks with the walls there. We had to take the tracks off and slide the panels on before attaching them to the hanging brackets.

The Kitchen....
The kitchen sliding glass door received a little different treatment. Like the family room, we decided to make one panel different than the rest. I totally fell in love with a material that has an acid burned design (which actually is very similar in design to my mobile hanging in the living room). I thought it was the coolest looking material and was moved to get it.

I love the fact that it hangs down to the floor was an added bonus cause I really think it looks awesome next to the bamboo flooring.

Unfortunately I didn't take into account the overlap of either of the windows in the greatroom, when I was measuring, so I'll need to go back to Ikea to get a couple more panels to cover all of the window areas. But.... as Tim said.... at least we're not living in a fishbowl anymore :)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Panel Curtains - Master Bedroom

Saturday, March 25

Tim and I started to install the panel curtains in the Master Bedroom today. We started with the side window. This way we'd finally have a curtain in between us and neighbors...... not that the cardboard wasn't doing the trick :)

Anyways..... in the master, we decided to do a little different application of the panels. The panels can be either suspended off the wall, like how we had in the family room, or off the ceiling. We decided that the ceiling would make for an interesting look.

So instead of the wall brackets, we installed the ceiling fixtures that would suspend the track off the ceiling. Originally I we wanted to hang the curtains from ceiling all the way to the floor, but while we were assembling decided to just suspend the side panels to the end of the window frame. That way the bed night-stand wouldn't be in the way of it. The back window will be able to be hung all the way to the floor though.

We installed 2 tracks, so that it would be a little bit more room darkening. I totally fell in love with a blue material that matched our blue tones perfectly, although it's more of a translucent material, so we added a 2nd track to give it more a room-darkening effect.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Panel Curtains - Family Room - Side window

Thursday, March 23

The family room now officially has privacy and no longer has windows covered by lovely tile-boards. I assembled and hung the panel curtains for the side window. This was the one I was looking forward to covering, since it has no privacy with an unobstructed view of neighbors currently.

I really like the feel that the panel curtains give to the room. It gives a sophisticated, yet fun look, with nice clean lines and a soft diffused light. I like it.... I like it a lot!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Panel Curtains - Family Room cont.

Tuesday, March 21

After getting back, from going out to dinner for my brother's bday, I started assembling the panels for the back family room window. The panel curtains are interesting to assemble. They definitely take a bit of patience. First I cut the panels to the length I wanted, then I had to assemble the top and bottom rail parts. The bottom is a weight basically and the top is the part that gets slid into the rail. It's pretty easy to assemble, just screw it all together with a little allen wrench, but assembling it so that it hangs straight...... well.... that's where the patience comes in.

All in all, once I got the hang of it, it wasn't bad. After I was done, Tim helped me hang up the curtains. We decided that we'd needed a forth panel, in order to cover all of the window, unfortunately, we just needed a single track and not the 3 track rails we had purchased. I'll just get a couple the next time I hit Ikea.

Even with just 3 panels, it looks so cool. We really liked the look of it. It's a very clean look. I loved the fact that we decided to have one of the panels different. It's a bit sheer and gives a very light airy feel to the room.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Panel Curtains - Family Room

Monday, March 20

Today, before 24 started, we were able to install the first panel curtain tracks in the family room. First we screwed the rail hardware supports to the wall above the window frames. The rails just get screwed to the wall hardware after that.

The rails can be cut or extended, with a second rail, if we need it, which we did for the back window. That was all we had time for, before 24 came on. Tomorrow my goal is to assemble the panels and hang them up.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Curtain Shopping

Sunday, March 19

I never thought I'd say this.... but we had gone curtain shopping today :) me? I'm so not the curtain shopper type of gal. I'd rather go tool shopping :) Although it was at Ikea, so it I had plenty of things to keep my mind busy.

Awhile back, when we were carpet shopping at Abbott Decor, we had seen panel curtains. They're vertically hung panels that move on a track system. At the moment, our budget is shaping our decor purchases though, so we decided to go with an Ikea version for now.

We loved the panel curtain idea and thought that they go fantastically well with the glider windows we have. The cool part about it is that the panels don't have to all be the same. The panels can have different colors or patterns or whatever we want.

So, we loaded up a cart full of panels, tracks and brackets. It was packed.... and I do mean packed full of stuff. We also picked up slip covers, for our easy chairs, and a few more cutlery sets that we've been waiting to be in stock.

It was exciting to go shopping for everything. Now we just have to find the time to install everything. We'll be doing it probably one room at a time. First we'll do the family room. We can finally get rid of the ugly tile board we have coving the windows.... yippee :)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Septic - issue - unexceptional fix

Friday, March 17

The only thing I can do now is laugh. It seems as though the way G&K Sewer believe that a professional fix to the situation is to tar the manhole. Yep.... the freakn tarred the manhole.

We were told that someone would be out to fix the outlet, which is what we asked for. Instead, the person who came out decided that the way to fix our situation was to tar the manhole. Tim found out that this guy wasn't even an electrician, nor could give any professional opinion on how to fix the short out issues with the plug and outlet. His fix was to tar it. And he even told Tim that was the typical way they fix it. What the hell kind of business is that?

This whole thing is so absurd, it's laughable.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Septic issue - call back

Monday, March 13

So finally we got a call back today. Tim was told today that the owner himself will call back to talk about the issue.

Also we were told to disregard the lovely invoice they sent us. Invoice you ask? Yeees... they actually had the audacity to send a bill for coming out and fixing they're unprofessional electrical job. Here's the kicker though..... it wasn't even for the correct work.... they billed us for having a new pump installed. Man... someone really has coordination issues over there.... *roll eyes*.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

fun with floral stuff

Sunday, March 12

Alone with the Sunday drivers, Tim and I were out and about at the craft store looking at dried flowers. I decided that we needed some fun arrangements, that don't need to be looked after.

We picked out some eucalyptus, fun spiral things, bamboo sticks, glass vase and some blue sea glass. I put it all together and viola.... my first dried flower arrangement. Never had done that before, so I was pretty pleased when it turned out looking ok :)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Septic issue -alarm again

Friday, March 10

Ahhh... the lovely sound of a septic alarm, was what Tim heard when he got home today. Again, the septic alarm sounded off the very clear statement that the lovely electrical installation job of G&K Sewer on our septic system, was a bad one. Apparently when they stated they had fixed the outlet, they were very-very-very wrong.

And of course it happened to be on a Friday that it had gone off. Tim had left a message, but being Friday, we'll have to wait 'til Monday to resolve this issue..... again. In the mean time, Tim has plugged the cord into an extension from the exterior house outlet.

Monday, March 06, 2006

little decor that counts

Monday, March 6

I think it's the little items that make a house feel like a home... like candles, pictures and such. Today I received a package in the mail from my best friend, Val, who lives out of town. She remembered me looking at this glass candle holder on a past visit. I really liked it, but didn't feel like carrying it in my luggage, so she surprised me with it. There was just something about the stacked glass look of it that mesmerized me. Oooo.... and she added some incredible smelling candles to boot :) there's nothing like a good smelling home :)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Slip Covers, Chairs & My Bday

Saturday, March 4

While Tim was getting the house ready for company, I had taken a bday trip to Ikea, with my parents, who were happy to get me for a couple hours to themselves. On the way there, first picked up the slip covers at the shipping pickup. After that I was on my mission to find our airy and movable living room furniture.

I found just what I was looking for, unfortunately...... *roll eyes*, the color slip cover was out of stock..... figures, right? Anyways.... I decided to purchase the chairs anyways and just come back another time for the color I'd like better. I also found the footstools that people would be able to move and sit where they pleased.

As a bday gift, my parents picked up the tab for some of the items that I had put in my cart. One of which was my mobile. Actually, it's the same one that I had hung in my office a few years back. I wanted a little splash of red in the great room and this was perfect. It's just such a fun piece of art to me.

They also decided to treat me to a fun fleece blanket for the family room and a side table, that will go next to the easy chairs in the great room.

When we finally got back, Tim and I had just enough time to squeeze in getting the slip covers on. I was soooo happy to see them on finally. They look so much better than the blankets :) I love the color and am happy we toughed out the long wait to receive them. It goes with everything and we can choose any colors to accent the room.... like for instance... my fun fleece blanket :)

After we got the slip covers on, I started assembling the easy chairs, which I was still assembling after our guests started arriving. Luckily, I have the type of friends that get amused by my antics :)

I'm glad I had finished assembling the chairs, cause that is exactly where our gang hung out for the rest of the night. In front of the fireplace seems to be a comfortable place for people to hang.... which is what we had hoped for. And now with the addition of a couple of easily movable footstools and chairs, people can just hang where they want. Other place people hung were the dinning area table and of course, the kitchen counter.

My Dad, during the party also assembled a small side table for people to eat pizza on.... well... almost... people ate a bit faster than my low-on-battery cordless screwdriver could assemble it :) I really wanted Tim to cook for the party, cause I love his cooking, but he decided that would take him away from being with me (awww), so pizza and wings it was.

I got lots of cool gifts and gift cards I can't wait to use.... lots for the house.... like a knife set my Brother and his family got for me and an awesome asian set, with chopsticks, from Tim's parents.

It was a lot of fun having everyone over for a birthday party. The best part was being able to have everyone in the great room all at once. I love having a great room!