Sunday, March 26, 2006

Panel Curtains - Master Bed & Great Room

Sunday, March 26

Today we finished up installing the panel curtains in the master bedroom and started on the panel tracks in the great-room.

We started with suspending the track for the back window in the master bedroom. Since nothing would obstruct the area near the back window, we decided to hang the panels all the way from floor to ceiling. It's such a different look than traditional curtains. It's contemporary, but it gives such an elegant diffused light effect. I completely love it....... love it.

The great room...
In the great room, we started with the front window. Unfortunately, due to limited space beyond the window, the panels won't be able to be opened completely off the window. Also, due to the cubby hole sort-of-area, in order to hang the panels, the tracks have to be installed with the panels slid on them already. Traditionally the tracks are attached to the wall and then the panels slide into the tracks, but I found this out the hardway not enough room to slide the panels into the tracks with the walls there. We had to take the tracks off and slide the panels on before attaching them to the hanging brackets.

The Kitchen....
The kitchen sliding glass door received a little different treatment. Like the family room, we decided to make one panel different than the rest. I totally fell in love with a material that has an acid burned design (which actually is very similar in design to my mobile hanging in the living room). I thought it was the coolest looking material and was moved to get it.

I love the fact that it hangs down to the floor was an added bonus cause I really think it looks awesome next to the bamboo flooring.

Unfortunately I didn't take into account the overlap of either of the windows in the greatroom, when I was measuring, so I'll need to go back to Ikea to get a couple more panels to cover all of the window areas. But.... as Tim said.... at least we're not living in a fishbowl anymore :)

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