Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Primer - great room started

Tuesday, July 19

Tim and I started priming the great room today. It was later in the day, but we at least wanted to start on the front living room wall, by the fireplace. This time we're using the correct color, so it will be easier to go over it with the regular paint.

It is the last room we're paint and started on the primer felt so good. Tomorrow, I'm taking off from work and I'm going to try and prim the ceiling. That's my goal for tomorrow.

When we were leaving, there was this phenomenal full moon and clouds. It was so awesome that I had to grab a pic of it. This was the first time I've actually seen the house at night with a light shining through the front window It was cool site. And I must say, our house has a cool silhouette :)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Painting - finishing blue/aqua

Saturday, July 16

How refreshing it will be to wake up in room that's as blue as a summer's sky and minty fresh *giggle*. I loooooove it. Love it. It's so freakn cool walking into the master bedroom and seeing the blue and aqua together. We're going to keep the natural color of the pine and just poly it. The lightness of that and the natural bamboo should look fantastic together and keep it airy a light feeling.

Yesterday my parents and I painted a bit. I painted the rest of the master bedroom, with the aqua paint and my parents finished of the 2nd bedroom, which is 2-tone the pebble courtyard and stone brown, which actually looks like the darker primer color, that I bought by accidently, ironically enough.

Also.... I noticed that the darn mold and mildew paint, I got for the bathroom, was also tinted the same darker tine, so i had to redo that, but it didn't take too long, considering their not big. I didn't bother doing where the tiles will go.... cause, it's pointless to do it, when it'll be covered up.

Next will be the family room and the 3rd bedroom. I can't wait.... I get to finally paint my tara-cotta wall :)

Friday, July 15, 2005

humidity and having a new build

Friday, July 15

We realized yesterday that our basement walls were very damp. We had a storm the other day, so we were very concerned about this issue, so we called Mike and asked him what's up with that. He had another reason that we didn't even think about. The humidity. Mike said that because It's been soooo ridiculously hot and humid, over the last couple of weeks, that all of new builds, without ac, have condensation forming on the basement walls. He's been advising all of his owners to get a dehumidifier get their basements to dry them out. He said that our basement is actually better than his other basements because we have the superior walls. I guess paying a bit extra for them is starting to pay off.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Painting blue/aqua. Primer whoooops

Thursday, July 14

Finally.... finally we got to paint the room, I've been dying to paint colors in..... the master bedroom. Tim and I painted our Utah Sky blue walls and ceiling. I learned my lesson yesterday, from being impatient, with putting the painters tape on too soon, so we're going to wait til tomorrow to mask off where the aqua will go.

I came very close to buying one of those edging brushes, but I'ver heard that if your walls aren't completely straight, it has issues. With the tape, if the wall is crooked, you can still make the tape straight, which gives the illusion the walls are more straight, It's a pain to use the tape, but I think it's worth it.

In the mean time, while the blue is drying, Tim painted the closet aqua, so at least we could see what it looks like. The color is called Refreshing Pool and it looks it. It's a very light and airy feeling color and I can't wait to see what the blue and aqua look like next to each other.

We also started on painting the pebble courtyard in the 2nd bedroom and made an interesting discovery. Can we say "whooooops". So there I was trimming out the corners of the 2nd bedroom, cocking my head and squinting my eyes at the color I'm painting over to the primer color. Yep... you guessed it.... the primer was the wrong color. Well.... that's what I get for pointing to the swatch and not saying the color aloud. It was the tint below, which was a tab darker. It's close enough we didn't notice until now. We checked and thankfully the actual paint is all the correct colors, just the primer was the darker tint.

I've been told to take it back and complain, but it wasn't their fault for me being unclear. And besides that, we needed to get more primer anyways..... so we figure we'll just get the correct color for the great room and we'll use the rest of the darker primer in the garage. That way, nothing is wasted and it all works out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bamboo pickup. Painting - bathroom colors

Wednesday, July 13

Today was exciting! We picked up our bamboo flooring today. Our salesman said that it's about a ton, all together. Yeah.... a ton *raise eyebrow*. My brother's Chevy had taken on most of the weight, by taking an entire pallet on his truck. It was pretty humorous to see my brother's truck be weighed down that much. I swear it dropped a foot. My Dad was also nice enough to help, with his Jimmy.

Then the 4 of us unloaded the 38 boxes in the garage. Each was about 40 or so pounds. errrrr..... *flex muscles* :)

After the guys left, I headed off to paint the bathrooms. I started with painting the mold and mildew paint, which we tinting the pebble courtyard. Several people that I knew, including my parents, used this paint in their bathrooms, and it really does help in moist areas to paint this stuff.

A couple hrs later, laura came over and we finally got to pop open that can of that blue Utah Sky paint, that I've been dying to paint. It was awesome! I looooove the color. We taped off the pebble courtyard color and painted the 2-toned room.

Word of warning.... that blue painters tape......... A. get the low-tack one and B. no matter how much you're itch'n to see the room done, wait 24 hrs, before putting the darn tape on. It works so much better if your patient, unlike I was. *roll eyes*. Well..... live and learn.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Moved trim to garage

Tuesday, July 12

We had taken a rest from stuff tonight cause it was my Dad's bday, but we did manage to squeeze in some manual labor moving trim. Tim got word from our concrete guy that it's ok to store things in the garage now, so we relocated all the trim, that was piled in the house, to the garage.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Primed - bath2, bed3

Sunday, July 10

Today we had a smaller painting party with Dad and our friend Laura. We finished the primer in lower bathroom, bedroom 3 and used up the rest of the 5 gal bucket of the new drywall primer.

I think the stress of everything is finally starting to get to me though. Dealing with planning the rest of the wedding and the house are constantly on my mind these days. I've been so bad lately... snappin' at everyone, but esp Tim. I guess this is what everyone was talking about when they said that if we make it through this yr, we'll know that we'll be ok through anything.

Laura gave me a nice little pep talk, before she left, by simply telling me that everything will work out. I've got the greatest family and friends... cause they've had to endure the array of poop from me lately.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Primed - bath1, bed2, family room

Saturday, July 9

With awesome help from my Dad and our friends Laura, Jack and Gina, we were painting nuts and primed the upper bathroom, 2nd bedroom and the family room. We used most of the first 5 gal bucket of primer. Even though the drywall sucked it up, the primer covered very well and we don't think that we'll need a second coat.

The 2nd bedroom, which will be our office, will have one wall (closet area) painted a slightly darker tint than the primer. We thought it would be kinda cool, when you see the room from the hall, to see the variation of wall colors.

Already, it gives the house a warmer feeling, just looking up toward the upper hallway, now that it has the warm colored paint.

The family room looks awesome already and it's not even the actual paint yet. I can't wait to see what the sim-skylights will look like with the lights inside. The entrance wall of the family room will have the terra-cotta color painted on it. It was between that wall and one of the outside walls. The outside wall would've been a "wow" wall for visiting guests, but we decided not too, cause we wouldn't have been able to enjoy it with it being behind where we'll put the couch.

It was sooo stress relieving to get as much done as we had. Although, during when I was painting lower hallway, I looked a Laura and expressed my thought of having to paint it all over again with the regular paint, after the primer was done. At that point I had a new admiration for professional painters.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Garage floor poured, Primed - bed1

Friday, July 8

We finally have a floor in our garage!!! Tim and I had gone to the house to paint and to our surprise, we couldn't get to the front door cause the front concrete platform had being poured. Since there's such a height difference at the moment, we knew we wouldn't be able to reach the door without a ladder. We checked the garage door, opened it up and had a pleasant surprise of see a floor.

We had to do some interesting ladder acrobatics to get into the house, in order not to disturb the concrete platform. After getting into the house, we then started our long awaited painting project. There were 5 of us..... Tim, my parents, our friend Laura and myself. We finished up the master bedroom. We're using a tinted primer, so that we'll have an easier time with coverage, when we use the actual paint.

The main color of the house and color of the primer is pebble courtyard, which is a warm beige. We'll actually be painting the master bed a two-tone of blue and aqua, but it was either buy individual cans and tint each primer, or buy a couple of buckets and tint them all the same.

We're using Behr paint and it's going on very nicely. We heard many good things about it, like that it has little spatter...... but besides that there was a really awesome rebate sale going on.... and we had a good decent amount of gift cards saved up for HomeDepo :)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Painting started

Thursday, July 7

Well... we finally started the painting. Mom, Dad and I started with the master bedroom closet. We figured we'd refresh our memory with a place that would be hidden. It was late at night and we knew we'd just be getting the closet done, but that was enough to release some tension, by at least starting the painting job.

Dad had purchased, a while back, one of those Wagner power sprayers and we decided to test it out. It was a smooth coat, but it's more for doing small work, so in the end, we decided that regular 'ol rollers would be a bit faster.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Stone Veneer

Wednesday, July 6

In the morning we brought the masons coffee and donuts, then we hang out for a bit, while watching the installation for a bit. The crew camped out on our property last night in tents. One good thing about not having the concrete poured in the garage, was that the crew could stake the tent in the garage and be sheltered.

They were really moving along with the stonework and told us that they'd be done by the time I came back from work.

Randy also had started on the hearth. It was a little different than Tim and I were imagining, but it actually looked better. We had imaged that the hearth would be more larger pieces, but instead it would be smaller pieces. Which is fine..... and actually will probably hold up better, cause we were told that the thinner hearth stone, we had asked for, cracks more easily. It looked really awesome and I can't wait to see what it looks like done.

Later on, when I came back from work, I was amazed at how awesome the stonework had turned out. It was even better than I had imagined and really brings the house to life.

I'm so glad that we had changed the stone, by the garage to wrap around the corner. originally the architect hadn't wrapped it and I asked it to cap around. It looks awesome and not so fake that way.

The hearth looks awesome, I can't wait to see what it'll look like with the walls painted and the shelves installed above the stone.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Stone veneer

Tuesday, July 5

There was a high point to today.... the stone veneer installers came today. They arrived just as we were finishing up unloading the trim into the house.

The head mason, Randy, was very nice and very professional. The team was an eclectic bunch of looks and builds, but each one had a definite enthusiasm for stonework. They drove 2 hrs, just to lay the stones for us. They even brought camping equipment to stay overnight, so they could do it in a 2 day continuous shot.

By the time I got back from work, they had accomplished enough to give a good idea of what it was going to look like. Tim stopped over as well to check it out.

While we were there, it unfortunately started to rain. It kinda put a holt on the work, due to it has to be covered. We were told that if it gets wet enough, before it sets, the stones will start sliding off, so they covered it all up with plastic.

We chit-chatted with the crew a bit, before we left. They sure seemed to love there work. They had shown us pics on the camera phones and digital cameras of other houses they had been working on. We all agreed that when the work is completed, it will definitely set our house apart on the road.

Trim delivery and personality conflicts

Tuesday, July 5

Today was..... um... interesting.
I was told recently, that when I have a laps in my blog, it usually is a good indication that we've had some sort of issue. Hmmm.... I guess that does happen.... although lately it's because I haven't had a chance, but yes... I do have something to vent about......

It started with the trim being delivered to the site. When I got there at 9:45am, the 10am truck was already there and being unloaded by Mike and Joe, who were nice enough to personally help unload. We had to store the trim in the great room, due to the garage floor not being poured yet. We've been inquiring about the floor being pour for over a month, but we're still waiting.

Anyways....... last week, Tim and Joe actually got into a heated discussion about some plumbing issues. I was still miffed about Joe upsetting Tim as much as he had, but I bit my tongue and promised myself that I wouldn't say anything, unless he stared being aggressive.

During the building process, I've learned there are 2 kinds of personalities in the building process. Those that are customer oriented, with people skills and those who are construction oriented with little or no people skills.

You never know who's going to have which personality and if you're like Tim and I...... like being involved, have creative personalities and are use to talking to people with people skills, it's hard to deal with contractors that aren't like that. The framers and the electrician were construction subcontractors, yet they had people skills and were awesome to work with. We really enjoyed the professionalism that they had!! The septic guy, well.... yeah..... annnyways *roll eyes*. We've also clashed with our foreman many times.

Unfortunately, we need a foreman, cause Mike can't do everything by himself, but arrrgggg, talk about personality clashes. Tim and my first impression of Joe was that he didn't even want to be on the project to begin with as he admitted he was talked into the job as a favor. We've pretty much been biting our tongues ever since, esp the times he's flung guilt trips for having to come to our site, instead of being at his favored site. He also has a very-very annoyingly unprofessional habit of aggressively interrupting, talking over and raising his voice (even though he feels he doesn't).

This all led to me loosing my cool today, raising my voice and yelling at our foreman to never interrupt me again, after he cut me off, in a condescending manor. I just couldn't bit my tongue anymore.

We were chatting onsite, this morning, about some plumbing had to be re-routed, due to the high water table in the area. My understanding was that the plumbing would be contained, in a cubby hole in the basement, and would lead to a pump, in the same cubby hole. Regardless of if I was understanding correctly or not, I was interrupted and spoken to in a very condescending manner, which took the cake. So I spoke up about it and yelled at him for speaking to Tim that way as well.

The humorous thing was that he denied doing it to Tim, at the same time he was doing it to me. It's amazing to me how the guy totally blocks the fact that he does that. I was like.... you're doing it right now!!!!!. I had it with him..... and let him know. Mike actually had to step in. Mike, on the other hand, was.... and always has handled issues in a professional manner..... which I'm thankful for and the reason why we still have confidence in Barden. It ended with Mike taking Joe off site, so that everyone could cool off.