Monday, May 30, 2005

Drywall finishing

Monday, May 30

The drywall is in the finishing stages right now and will be paint ready, which means it's being smoothed out and sanded down. The finisher will use a special sander with a vacuum, that cuts down on the dust.

Inside the garage will be finished off.

Now that the ceiling has been finished off in the great room, the sim-skylights really pop out.

The entrance looks fantastic.

Looking down on the fireplace, from the upper landing us quite the view.

Walking toward the master bedroom, the bathroom is on the left (or in front of you after walking up the stairs) and the master is straight ahead (or right of the stairs).

In the master bathroom, the light now spills into the bathtub from the cutout in dividing wall.

The master bed has awesome light during the evening and as the sun sets, the light skims across the ceiling and emphasizes the sim-skylights on the ceiling.

Downstairs, on the lower-level, the sunset has the same effect on the ceiling. Also, you'll notice the superior walls have been finished over with drywall, giving 3 walls of the room an edge, which will give an awesome place for plants, candles or even a place to put a beverage.

Walking out of the family room, you pass the stairway, which looks up to the dinning room and the cim-skylights above.

Passing the stairway is the guest-room, which has awesome light in the morning and will have a great view of my non-existing flowerbed that will go right outside the window.

Downstairs in the basement, you'll find our massive high-efficiency furnace, with most of the vents attached now.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Hardwood floor shopping

Saturday, May 28

Today was fun. Tim and I had gone Hardwood and paint shopping. The first stop was Lumber Liquidators, cause it closed at 3pm.

There were 2 things I noticed when I walked into the showroom.... the first was that it was a fairly small, but welcoming feeling, with a sales guy, who looked like he knew hardwood. The 2nd thing I noticed was a display for bamboo flooring. I didn't walk up to it right away, but I thought "hmmm" to myself. After looking at traditional hardwood for a bit, we then took a look at the bamboo. I was like "How cool is this??". Tim was so-so at first, but warmed up to it. In fact, we both warmed up to it so much we asked for samples.

I totally fell in love with it....... 2 reasons.... first being that it looks freakn cool.... the second being it's harder and even more stable than traditional hardwood. The kicker was that it only came in 5/8", instead of 3/4", which is what the stairs are set up for. We were bummed, but took the samples anyways in hopes that we can futz around the difference in height somehow.

It comes in 2 different patterns, vertical and horizontal. We can't decided which one we like better. The vertical has nice long lines, but small knots and is more inconspicuous being bamboo and the horizontal shows more of the knots and looks more like bamboo.

The 2nd place was definitely set up for a much large income cliental. We walked in and were greeted by a man in a black shirt, black pants and a tie. Everything was shiny, tidy and were on big displays. Even though the presentation was great, I felt like I was talking to a "sales" person, not a person that new wood. When I asked if they had any samples, he replied with asking me if I meant to loan out.

Well, needless to say, we agreed that we'd be going with Lumber Liquidators, unless we can find better.

Monday, May 23, 2005


Monday, May 23

Other than the cleanup issues I had about the hangers, it looks great! I looks soooooo different. It echos again. It used to echo, before the insulation, now it echos again. It's funny how different surfaces absorb sounds differently.

Annnyways... I love the openness of the great room, including the living, dinning and kitchen rooms. I love the vaulted ceiling with the sim-skylights.

I love the added design quality that the master bedroom has with the sim-skylights in the ceiling.

The bathtub partition wall will have a cutout, at the top of the wall, to let in light into the tub area from the window. I got the idea from a Chiasso catalog.

The 2nd bedroom, which will be our computer room is a more cozy room in size, esp with the drywall in place, but the window makes it feel a lot larger. I can't imagine the room with a traditional sized window. It will also have a, distant, but nice view of backyard, from the kitchen window, from the doorway.

I can't wait 'til the fireplace is drywalled.

Although I liked the openness of the downstairs, before drywall, when you could see through the walls, I'm glad it's closed in and will give us a hideaway spot.

The furnace has been installed and like the furnace guy had said, the vents do run from end to end, but it's very streamlined and organized.

Our garage will be a finished garage. They have such cool garage organizers these days, like over the door shelves and such, so we should be able find some cool stuff to keep all of our stuff in order.

Hanger issues

Monday, May 23

I found out that the hangers are um, a different bread of people. I think I got spoiled with the framers and their impeccable neatness. Although the hangers seem to be proficient with hanging the drywall and everything looked in order of how the drywall should look, they could take tips from the frames on cleanup.

The frames were excellent about cleanup and looking after things. When I got to the house last night, the garage door was wide open, as were most of the lower level windows, including the deck door. My deck door screen, which was still in a box, was face down and flat on the ground. Unused boxes were thrown all over the place in the back of the house. On the inside, I found fries spilled down the stairs and all over the concrete floor, as well as cigarette butts all over the place.

I also found that the sump-pump was left on. The sump-pump pumps out any water in the basement, and due to no drainage yet for it, it just kept recycling the water back into the sump-pump hole. As a result, my sneakers found a very muddy mote near the front door.

I emailed Joe about it and he said he'll take care of things for me.


Monday, May 23

I was glad I drove by the site this morning, cause I wasn't going to, but I got to see the drywall being unloaded. I'm glad also, cause I got to point out a couple of things to "the hangers", as they called themselves.

One of which was that the 1/2 wall, on the upper landing was going to be removed. They said they'd be happy to take care of that, esp since they would need the room to get the drywall up to the 2nd floor that way, due to the upper windows being too small to get it in that way.

I was also kicking myself, cause I was going to cut some 2x4's and nailed them between the studs above the fireplace last night, but didn't get a chance. So I had gone back home, cut the 2x4's and nailed them into place, before work. I wanted to do that cause we will be hanging a shelf there soon and I wanted plenty of strength to hang it on.

When I got back from cutting the boards at home, the hangers already had half of the family room, beds 1,2 & 3 done. I was almost taken by surprise at the speed these guys hang the drywall with.

They were working on the sim-skylights when I had peaked a look. After I had taken the photo, I noticed that the flash lit up all the plaster dust in the air.

I watched them work a bit and the only thing I can compare these guys to is the Road Runner. Tow of the hangers weren't much bigger than me, but they were picking up the drywall pieces, as if they were cardboard.

The heating and ac people were there as well. There were getting things ready and bringing in parts of the furnace while I was there.

I was told by the head hanger that they'd finish all the drywall today, including the garage. I can't wait to go home and see it!!

Friday, May 20, 2005

We have Stairs!

Friday, May 20

I was pleasantly surprised to come home from work and find that we finally have stairs. I felt like Tom Hanks, in the Money Pit, when he finds they finally have stairs as he runs up and down them, almost crying.

I was so cool not to use a ladder, or climb up through the studs anymore. And I was even more pleasantly surprised to see boards cut and placed over the stairs to protect them. Mike had said that Tim and I would be responsible for that, but I guess the framers decided to do that for us.

Although I'm happy to see the stairs, I was surprised to see them cause no one had mentioned when they were being installed. I had wanted the bottom step to be triangular, to match the angles of the fireplace and the kitchen counter, so now we'll have get that taken care of.

The house is also getting ready for siding as well by getting wrapped with the green vapor barrier that Barden provided. The siding won't be installed until the dry wall goes on though.

On and since the cool angle of the chimney had to be removed, due to the fireplace people's request, I had asked them to install an angled sort-of cap to the top. I just could let go of the angled theme that the chimney used to have I guess. I like it. It's a nice compromise, I think.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Wednesday, May 18

They started the insulation installation today and wow, what a difference. The difference isn't just with warmth, but it gives such a better view of space and the feel of everything.

The first thing that popped out, was obviously the fireplace, esp now that 2x6's have substance to them, but the coolest part of seeing the insulation up was walking in and seeing the simulated skylight areas. I really like them. I can't wait to see what they'll look like with lights in them. I believe it'll gives the space just a little extra kick of a design.

It was cool to get a feeling of what the walls will feel like, but besides that, it was also a sight to see the interesting lighting effects that was produced by the sunset. It gave off this warm yellow glow throughout the house. My favorite was being in the master bath, seeing the light shine through and silhouette the sink pipes, but there were several others too.