Monday, May 23, 2005


Monday, May 23

I was glad I drove by the site this morning, cause I wasn't going to, but I got to see the drywall being unloaded. I'm glad also, cause I got to point out a couple of things to "the hangers", as they called themselves.

One of which was that the 1/2 wall, on the upper landing was going to be removed. They said they'd be happy to take care of that, esp since they would need the room to get the drywall up to the 2nd floor that way, due to the upper windows being too small to get it in that way.

I was also kicking myself, cause I was going to cut some 2x4's and nailed them between the studs above the fireplace last night, but didn't get a chance. So I had gone back home, cut the 2x4's and nailed them into place, before work. I wanted to do that cause we will be hanging a shelf there soon and I wanted plenty of strength to hang it on.

When I got back from cutting the boards at home, the hangers already had half of the family room, beds 1,2 & 3 done. I was almost taken by surprise at the speed these guys hang the drywall with.

They were working on the sim-skylights when I had peaked a look. After I had taken the photo, I noticed that the flash lit up all the plaster dust in the air.

I watched them work a bit and the only thing I can compare these guys to is the Road Runner. Tow of the hangers weren't much bigger than me, but they were picking up the drywall pieces, as if they were cardboard.

The heating and ac people were there as well. There were getting things ready and bringing in parts of the furnace while I was there.

I was told by the head hanger that they'd finish all the drywall today, including the garage. I can't wait to go home and see it!!

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