Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stained Glass Class - finished cutting

Tuesday, February 24

Today I finished cutting all the pieces for my stained glass iris project. It had taken a while, which makes it even sweeter. Now I can start copper foiling.

Since glass can't be soldered, the edge of each glass piece is covered by a thin strip of copper foil. The foil then gets wrapped around the edges and burnished down. The foil then gets soldered together. I always wondered how stained glass holders together.... and now I know.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bonsai - Mimosa pudica (Sensitive plant)

Tuesday, February 3

While researching online about the art of bonsai, I found that a bonsai can pretty much be made out of any plant. The word bonsai breaks down to: bon (tray) & sai (plant) in Japanese. Some argue that it needs to be a "tree", while others make a bonsai out of whatever tickles there fancy. Me... I guess I just want to look at something that will make me smile.

That's why my newest addition to my bonsai collection is not a "tree", it's my favorite childhood plant, the Mimosa pudica, aka Sensitive plant. This plant has fascinated me since I was a kid. My parents would take me to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens and they would have to drag me away from it. When you touch it, the leaves close up, and I always wanted to close them all.

I had gone to a nursery recently and had seen a baby one for sale. I didn't get it and regretted it. Yesterday I decided to get it and when I walked out of the door, with it in hand, I had the biggest smile on my face. I bought a little bonsai pot for it too.

I planted the Mimosa when I got home. It was closed up last night as it was night time and this morning it was open and happy looking. It made me smile when I had seen it.... and that's what a bonsai should do :)

From Landscaping

From Landscaping

Monday, February 02, 2009

Stained Glass Class - Iris Design

Monday, February 2

Tomorrow, for my stained glass class I'm going to start cutting pieces for a pattern I designed of a purple bearded iris in my yard. I traced the basic shapes from a photo I had taken this past summer. It's a bit more complicated than the beginner patterns that Mary Beth handed out in the first class. That's me though.... I like to complicate projects.

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