Monday, October 31, 2005

Linoleum Installation & Countertop delivery

Monday, October 31

I had taken the morning off for tow big events today... (well... other than being Halloween), the countertop finally was delivered and our linoleum installation.

The delivery truck from the counter place arrived at about 10:30am or so. He unloaded the counters in the garage and leaned them on their sides. He also picked up the temporary counter that Barden lent us.

On Oct 3rd I received a call, from the kitchen division of Barden. The wrong countertop had been ordered. There was a black strip of black color on the edge of the beveled edge, that I had wanted on it. It had been ordered without it, for some reason. They were willing to order us the correct one, unfortunately it wouldn't arrive for 4 weeks. So, for 4 weeks, we waited patiently while on order. In order to do this, we actually had to extend the construction loan 3 weeks..... and be charged fees for it.

We were willing to do this for one reason..... well 2.... first, I want what I had ordered.... 2.... it looks freakn awesome!!!!

Dad came over, after it was dropped off and we put it in it's place, to see how it looks.... well...... I'm soooo glad we stuck to our guns and had them re-order it.

Also today, we had our linoleum installed. Before he installed it in the lower bathroom, he had to even out the floor with a special feather product. It goes on, like a thin layer of concrete and kinda smooths out uneven surfaces. We needed this due to the lovely aftermath of Sean, our original plumber, when he jack-hammered through the concrete.

He also put a layer of plywood, over the sub-floor, in the upper bathroom, then installed the linoleum over it. I wasn't there to see the actual installation, cause after that I had to leave for work, but an interesting thing happened I had left, but forgot something, then had gone back to and when I walked back inside, I caught the installer admiring the beveled black edge of the countertop. That felt really great reassured me that the wait for the counter was worth it :)

Later on, after work, Tim and I had gone to the house to work..... and be there, just in case we got our first trick-or-treater. We had been working for a bit, during which I told him how nice the linoleum looked and how nice it was to finally have it installed. Then, he said something I hadn't even thought about...... he said to me that there was one bad thing about having the linoleum installed. When I asked why, he responded with... now we don't have a toilet. I had forgotten that the linoleum installer had to move the toilet. Damn, I thought. Lucky, my parents live close.

Around 7 or so, the door rang. We had gotten our first ever trick-or-treaters! They were soooo cute. The one little girl was dress as a polar bear. It was a puffy custom, that seemed to be filled with air. It was really adorable.

A little while after our treaters, our plumber, Jerry stopped by. He said that he'd have his crew install the upper toilet, re-install the lower one tomorrow and have our upper bathroom sink installed soon, with the fixtures. He also mentioned that he's been keeping our fixtures safe, at his house, since those are are easily the fist to go, if someone wants something, cause they're a carriable item. The went on to say that he's been stopping by, every once and a while, looking in on things, since he so close.

At that point, I felt relieved, once again, that we discontinued the services of poop-head Sean and hire Jerry. It's nice to know that someone is looking out for us.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Appliance Delivery

Sunday, October 30

We have appliances! Yeah!

We purchased them from Orville's on the 22nd. All of the items were in stock, that day, but we had to wait for the slide-in stove to arrive. The delivery truck from Orville's arrived around 4:30 pm or so. It was their last stop, the driver had said. There were 2 delivery guys that moved everything. It was amazing watching how easy they make it look to move these heavy objects around, like it was nothing.

It was interesting watching them wheel the washer and dryer in. I felt badly for the deliverers.... they had to wheel both those suckers down to the sub-level, then down again, to the basement, but they seemed to have little trouble doing it. Afterward, I got a chuckle. It was laughable seeing the washer and dryer in the basement. Here are these 2 modern looking items in this unfinished dusty basement. They looked so out of place, it's funny.

I can't wait to use my front-loading washer! It also comes with a rack you can use and put sneakers on to dry..... just makes me wanna go step in a puddle, so I can use it :)

Then, I had seen the one walk up to the kitchen door, with a tape measure and then look up, toward the fridge, that just was unloaded out of the truck. He looked back at me and I knew..... those doors had to come off. It was no biggy though..... they just unscrewed them and brought it inside. They wheeled it near it's place and reassembled it, then assembled all the shelves and draws inside.

After the delivery, I decided to do some painting... not interior though. I purchased some spray paint for the ugly white tubes and suck sticking out around the exterior.... like the ugly white plastic drains that the gutters fit inside of. Also, I've been meaning to get up on the roof and paint that ugly shinny aluminum top to the chimney, which stands out, like a sore thumb. (why does a sore thumb stand out anyways?... does it stand out to other people, or just you, cause it's sore? *shrug*)..... annnyways..... So... I got to see the neighborhood, from the roof at sunset... and et me tell ya, it was spectacular, with the fall foliage :)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

We have heat!

Thursday, October 27

We have heat! And a/c.... not that we want to use the a/c right now, but heat yes... we don't want to freeze while working anymore. And it was soooooo nice to walk into a cozy warm house :)

Our thermastate is cool. It's digital... the kind that can be programed to turn on the heat, so that the house is nice and cozy, when we get home :)

Here's the thing though.... it's always something, ya know. So the heating/ac people came by and hooked up the heat and installed all the ceiling and wall vents, although they forgot the vent covers in both bathrooms.... and the freakn gave us an old vent in the master bedroom. It's dirty and has scratches all over it.... *roll eyes*. I was like.... I payed yay money to have an old vent.... IIIII don't think so. So Tim called them and they'll be coming out to put vent covers in the bathroom and replace the one in the bedroom.

But.... we have heat! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bamboo - kitchen finished

Wednesday, October 26

After I spent 2 hrs (*roll eyes*) being anal about fitting the bamboo around the flush mount vent, by the deck door, in the kitchen, Mom and I measured and laid out the rest of the of the kitchen corner, We tried to use as many scrap pieces as we could, to save on planks. The fridge will go in that corner, so we weren't as particular about using perfect planks.

The corner was a bear. There was no where to get a good angle on the nail gun. I did the best I could with side-nailing them, but last 2 corner pieces I had to top nail them. They were small, so I also gave them a bead of glue on the tongues, before slipping them into place.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Tuesday, October 25

We originally were going to go with 6x4 tiles, from Home Depot. There had kind of a marble pattern to them. We never had seen a display of them, only the ones on the selves. Then, when we were getting ready to order some up, I had seen a display at another Home Depot location and realized they didn't look that good next to each other at all. The marble pattern was actually a bit over powering.

So then we pondered and pondered over what else we wanted. I started doing research on-line and realized there are soooooo many different tiles out there I got brain fried looking at the varieties. There's ceramic, stone, slate, terra-cotta, metal and glass...... glass?.... yep.... they even make glass tiles. So I had gone a glass tile on-line hunt. And within that, there are so many kinds I got even more brain fried.

Glass is cool, but expensive, so we decided to use glass mosaics as trim. I found Tiles International, a local store that sells what I had seen online. The tiles are manufactured by a company called Original Style (

Tim and I had gone to Tiles International, had seen the tiles in person and both fell in love with them. They're from a collection called Offset Sky Mixed Clear Mosaics. They are 1"x1" tiles laid up on a 12"sqr sheet. They can be cut apart and used as trim. We choose the Hudson mix, which is a mix of muted blues and aquas. Here's the best part... they are frosted, just like our sink handles. They give the same smooth to the touch feel and will match the style we're trying to create nicely.

We also chose, for both bathrooms mixed colors of 6" tiles. We decided not to go with traditional same colored tiles and go with 3 different hues of blue for the upper bathroom and 3 hues of neutrals for the lower bath. Both will have the same colored glass trim tiles (cause they had to be purchased as a case, not single).

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bamboo - dining room (landing)

Sunday, October 23

In the early afternoon, my parents cut and laid out the rest of the dinning area and landing for the sub-level stairs. It looked great.... all I had to do, is nail them into place. Well, actually, first, a couple rows have to be removed, then the other rows moved out of the way a bit. One of the drawbacks with working with a diagonal layout is that to work ahead and place rows, in order to figure out the layout, the rows actually have to be put in place, in order to get the correct measurements. Then they have to be taken apart, in order to nail them in place.

Annnyways... the dining area is complete now... and looks awesome. The landing has a piece of the inlay plank, to match the hearth. I wanted it there, not only as a design element, but to catch the eye and have the fact that there is a step there stand out.

While I was nailing the floor into place, Tim was continuing with painting the doors. Then, later on, in the evening, I had gone through the house doing paint touch-ups. Mostly in the bathrooms, so that they are ready next week for the linoleum to be installed.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bamboo - dining room

Saturday, October 22

My Dad, Tim and I picked up again on the flooring at the double vents, in the dining room. These were the vents that I had Vastola Heating move, from in front of the lower-level stairs. There are in a much better place, but needed to be reenforced, being double. We reenforced them by gluing and screwing piece of wood underneath the floor, around the edge of the hole.

As my Dad and I were working on reenforcing the vent area, Tim was working on the plank layout in the dining/kitchen walk area.

Appliance Shopping

Saturday, October 22

Today we finally had gone appliance shopping. We wound up purchasing everything from Orville's. They matched prices and seemed to be the most informative, plus they had almost everything in stock.

We had a very nice and informative salesman, name Scott. We already new what we wanted, cause we shopped around and researched, so we were able to ask direct questions and cut out the sales pitches.

We decided to go with all Whirlpool products. Here's something I didn't know... Kitchen Aid makes more than mixers *shrugs*. Shows ya how much I know about appliances.

Like drowns of people wanting that modern look, we decided to go stainless steel. We chose a Whirlpool fridge ER2MHKXPL. It has a finish on it called Satina. It gives the look of stainless, without the hassle of cleaners. The cool ascetic feature we liked about it was it's absence of a traditional handle. It's handle is on top of the door, instead of on the face of it. We originally had seen it at Lowes. We kept walking by it and couldn't stop opening it.

We also purchased a dishwasher, in stainless steel. Currently, only the fridge comes in the satina. It was mentioned that they'll probably be out with it next yr sometime for other Whirlpool items, but we didn't feel like waiting.

We also decided to bite the bullet and purchase a front-loading washer. Ya know those space age looking ones on the commercials out right now? Yep... that's what we got. They are more up-front, but in the long run, they are more cost effective by being energy efficient using less water. They had a demo one there working. Scott had taken out a towel, that just had been washed and had us feel it. I asked how long it was in the dryer for, he said no..... that's what the washer does. It was half dry already.

The stove..... oh the stove. We had a bit of a time deciding what to do about the stove. Unfortunately, when we designed the kitchen, one thing we didn't think about was how high a stove was. Our half wall wasn't tall enough and would show the back of a range stove. So we had to go with a slide-in, which is a traditional range stove, but the controls are in the front, not on the back-splash. They're used a lot for island areas. We didn't really have a choice, cause most companies only make one or 2 models. Luckily we liked the Whirlpool model, so everything matches.

We decided to go with a ceramic cooktop. I got some nice flake from my Dad and brother about going electric, but neither Tim or I cook huge meals for it to make a difference in utilities. Besides, with gas prices escalating they way they are these days, it's not as efficient anymore. That's all besides the point..... I wanted my darn glass cooktop :)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bamboo - living room

Thursday, October 20

While at work, there was a crew of my Dad, my brother Brian and my Uncle Andrew working on the flooring. Although hard to describe, due to the diagonal layout, dinning area is mostly done. They were really moving along, my Dad told me, with my brother being there. Doing stuff like this comes naturally to him. They ended at the double cold-air return, by the stairs.

Bamboo - living room

Wednesday, October 19

Continuing on from the hearth, we started our diagonal decent toward the dinning area. Ok... so I'm a bit crazy to want a diagonal layout for the bamboo.... but check it out.... it looks awesome, despite the swearing from my family.... well.... and myself when angles don't work or we cut something wrong..... or we get to an inevitable vent cover. The vents are the worst! It flows fairly quickly, until we hit one of those. As soon as we mastered the cuts for the upper-level vents, The diagonal makes for some interesting choice words at times :) but it looks great though.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bamboo - Great Room - inlay for hearth

Tuesday, October 18

I was excited today..... My Dad, Uncle Andrew and I started installing the bamboo in the great room, beginning with the inlay planks for the hearth. I think we all had taken turns using expletives during fitting and cutting the angles for the inlay planks around the hearth. They had to be cut at exactly the right angles or else they produced ugly gaps. It worked out though.... and it looks fantastic. My Dad said, at one point, that it gives a richness to the room now..... like something you'd see in a rich house.

Bamboo - bed2, Lighting

Monday, October 17

Once we had the master bedroom done, we moved all the tools from the 2nd bedroom to the master room.

My parents (but mostly my Mom), during the time I was at work, cut and laid out all the remaining planks for the 2nd bedroom. All Tim and I had to do was nail them into place and we'd be done with the upper bedrooms.

At about 2am we finished nailing in all the planks my parents had set up for us. Well... technically, we have one row left that we have to cut the planks in half in order to fit in, but I consider this room done :)

As I was taking the bamboo pics, I looked out the window and noticed how nice it is to have the entrance door illuminated now. I love the lamps we chose. Not only do I feel they match the style of the house perfectly, but they can take 100w bulbs to give a nicely lit entrance.

After taking the photo of the outside lighting, I decided to go downstairs and take another light fixture photo in the family room of the coolness of the sim-skylights all lit up. Currently the family room has turned into the door room, where all the interior doors are being painted. We're painting them the same color as the coordinating walls. All the doors will be the pebbled courtyard color, except for the master bedroom, which will be the refreshing pool (aqua) color.

Also going on in the house, we had the plaster finisher come in and fix a couple of drywall issues and dings. The most obvious to us was the curve in drywall against the superior wall in the family room. It wasn't noticeable 'til the baseboard was attached of how bowed the wall was, so we had them build up the plaster a bit there.