Saturday, October 22, 2005

Appliance Shopping

Saturday, October 22

Today we finally had gone appliance shopping. We wound up purchasing everything from Orville's. They matched prices and seemed to be the most informative, plus they had almost everything in stock.

We had a very nice and informative salesman, name Scott. We already new what we wanted, cause we shopped around and researched, so we were able to ask direct questions and cut out the sales pitches.

We decided to go with all Whirlpool products. Here's something I didn't know... Kitchen Aid makes more than mixers *shrugs*. Shows ya how much I know about appliances.

Like drowns of people wanting that modern look, we decided to go stainless steel. We chose a Whirlpool fridge ER2MHKXPL. It has a finish on it called Satina. It gives the look of stainless, without the hassle of cleaners. The cool ascetic feature we liked about it was it's absence of a traditional handle. It's handle is on top of the door, instead of on the face of it. We originally had seen it at Lowes. We kept walking by it and couldn't stop opening it.

We also purchased a dishwasher, in stainless steel. Currently, only the fridge comes in the satina. It was mentioned that they'll probably be out with it next yr sometime for other Whirlpool items, but we didn't feel like waiting.

We also decided to bite the bullet and purchase a front-loading washer. Ya know those space age looking ones on the commercials out right now? Yep... that's what we got. They are more up-front, but in the long run, they are more cost effective by being energy efficient using less water. They had a demo one there working. Scott had taken out a towel, that just had been washed and had us feel it. I asked how long it was in the dryer for, he said no..... that's what the washer does. It was half dry already.

The stove..... oh the stove. We had a bit of a time deciding what to do about the stove. Unfortunately, when we designed the kitchen, one thing we didn't think about was how high a stove was. Our half wall wasn't tall enough and would show the back of a range stove. So we had to go with a slide-in, which is a traditional range stove, but the controls are in the front, not on the back-splash. They're used a lot for island areas. We didn't really have a choice, cause most companies only make one or 2 models. Luckily we liked the Whirlpool model, so everything matches.

We decided to go with a ceramic cooktop. I got some nice flake from my Dad and brother about going electric, but neither Tim or I cook huge meals for it to make a difference in utilities. Besides, with gas prices escalating they way they are these days, it's not as efficient anymore. That's all besides the point..... I wanted my darn glass cooktop :)

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