Monday, October 10, 2005

We have lights!

Monday, October 10

Today, the fixtures were connected to the switches. I couldn't wait to get home and see them. When I drove by, the electrician was still working. I drove back, later on, with Mom, to check it out. When we pulled up, it was so awesome to see the front entrance light on. It was so nice to have the front lit up, instead of using a flashlight, guiding our way on the planks across the clay & mud.

The temporary door bell was installed as well, which is just a button & a buzzer, for right now. We're still deciding on what to do with it, so it's just temp right now. I had seen this lizard button that was really cool and bought the pieces to make it myself, but I hadn't had the time, yet, so he just installed the button, for now. The bell, we'll be changing soon too. My Dad is constructing a similar door-chime box, that I had seen online. It's a Japanese looking design....... the look fits awesome with the house design, but it had dark wood. So I asked my Dad to construct one out of our bamboo flooring, to match our decor.

Anyways..... lights.... sooo very cool to have them lit up. I love the Lite-Source pendants lit up... esp the entranceway pendant. It gives a warm, welcoming ambiance to the entrance. And the multi-pendant above the kitchen counter is waaay cool lit up.

The bathroom wall sconces look great. They give off an awesome amount of light and a lot of fun. Originally I was just going to get the typical vanity lighting, but as my new Mom-in-law said to me.... it wouldn't be us.

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