Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bamboo flooring - master bed

Saturday, October 15

We started working on the flooring around 10am or so. This time it was a 4 man crew of my Dad, 2 of his brothers and myself. My Uncle Andrew became the layout person, My Uncle Jan became the cutter, My Dad the tap into place person and I was the stapler.

After a while of using the flooring stapler, we decided that it wasn't working as well as we had hoped and started using a pneumatic nail gun instead. With the flooring stapler, you have to be very precise of the placement of the tool or the staple will not go in right. And no matter how much we adjusted the pressure for the stapler, it was just splitting the bamboo too often. And man, when they hit a nail in the sub-floor, it crumpled the staples and was a bear to pull out. The nail gun has to be lined up in the groove by eyeballing it, unlike the flooring stapler, but it actually moved faster cause there wasn't as many things to worry about.

When we all got in the groove and got the hang of everything, it really started to move along. Reaching the hallway was the only thing that really slowed us down. Because of the way tongue and groove flooring needs to be installed, the installation needs to be from side to side, in order to be able to keep nailing from the side of the planks. So.... when we got to door, we had to go straight out into the hallway and right across to the 2nd bedroom.

Tackling the hallway was interesting. We needed to reestablish the baseline, with a chalk-line and extending right across into the 2nd bedroom.

After we had nailed a couple of rows into the hallway and the 2nd bedroom, we decided to stop and pick up again the next day.

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