Friday, October 07, 2005

Lighting - started

Friday, October 7

Yesterday, the fixtures were delivered. I wanted to take a peek so badly. I opened a box, but they were separately packed and so I figured I'd wait. I was killing me to see what they looked like assembled. I had taken them all over to the house and made notes. The electrician asked if we could just writes some notes of where everything was going..... so I did. I plastered notes & diagrams all over the place, with blue painters tape and placed each fixture in the corresponding rooms. I gone gone a bit nuts, but I wanted to minimize miscommunications as much as I could.

Today, I received a call from Brain, our electrician, who said that the fixtures would be installed, and we would definitely have power to them on Monday. He also commended me on my notes and said that everything was laid out great and clear :)

Anyways... when I got home, the fixtures were up. Seeing them gave such a different feeling in the house. It was one more thing that made it seem more like a home. They gave more of a felling of who we are and our personalities stared to show.

I love the pendant lamp above the front door. It actually blends in, when you first walk in, then you turn around and get a kick of personality. I can't wait to see it lit up.

The multi pendants, above the kitchen counter are so much fun! I can't wait to hang up the painting, Tim bought for me, that will go near the lights, cause it totally coordinates with the lamp.

I can't wait to see the vanity when it all comes together with our frosted glass handles of the faucet in our main bathroom.

We were going to go with just typical lamp socket idea for the sim-skylights, but I was browsing Home Depot and found these flood light sockets. The thing we were worried about with the great room sim-skylights, was the fact that they have an angle, cause of the vaulted ceiling. The flood lamp sockets can be tilted, so they're a perfect, inexpensive and fun solution. And since the house is a fairly contemporary low-key design, we can get away with it.

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