Friday, October 14, 2005

Bamboo floor started

Friday, October 14

Today the bamboo floors will be started. My Dad and my Uncle Andrew will be starting it and Tim and I will be helping, after our day jobs. As always, I wouldn't be me, if I wanted something simple. It's actually just a few custom things that will be making this project a bit complicated.
Our flooring store, Lumber Liquidators, also carried bamboo diamond designed inlay planks. Opposed to the tedious traditional inlays that you'd see in older expensive homes, lumber companies makes things very easy these days, with ready made inlays that come in plank formats. They're installed just as the regular planks are installed.

Lumber Liquidators only carried one style of bamboo inlay (at time of purchase), but as it turned out, we really liked them. The plank is made up of both the natural bamboo color and the carbonized (brown color) bamboo. It has a line of diamond shapes, in the carbonized color, with 2 strips on the edges, of the same carbonized color. With all the 45 degree and other angles in the house design, we felt it would be a great addition to the floor.

We'll be installing the bamboo flooring in the kitchen, dinning, living, stair landings, and the upper bedrooms. If all works well with the inlays. we'll be installing them around the hearth, stair landings and the great room. And cause I like making things difficult, in the great room, I want the flooring laid on a diagonal. I'm sure I'll be having everyone curse me out by the end of this :)

Last night, Tim, my Dad and I chalk-lined all the joists upstairs and screwed down the sub-flooring. I've heard and read that a lot of the squeaking of floors and stairs are due to the use of nails. Nails don't grip the wood down, like screws can, and will tend to squeak more than screwed down areas.

The last I heard, My Dad and my Uncle had established the baseline and were starting to layout the bamboo. I can't wait to get back and see what they've done so far.

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