Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bamboo - bed2, Lighting

Monday, October 17

Once we had the master bedroom done, we moved all the tools from the 2nd bedroom to the master room.

My parents (but mostly my Mom), during the time I was at work, cut and laid out all the remaining planks for the 2nd bedroom. All Tim and I had to do was nail them into place and we'd be done with the upper bedrooms.

At about 2am we finished nailing in all the planks my parents had set up for us. Well... technically, we have one row left that we have to cut the planks in half in order to fit in, but I consider this room done :)

As I was taking the bamboo pics, I looked out the window and noticed how nice it is to have the entrance door illuminated now. I love the lamps we chose. Not only do I feel they match the style of the house perfectly, but they can take 100w bulbs to give a nicely lit entrance.

After taking the photo of the outside lighting, I decided to go downstairs and take another light fixture photo in the family room of the coolness of the sim-skylights all lit up. Currently the family room has turned into the door room, where all the interior doors are being painted. We're painting them the same color as the coordinating walls. All the doors will be the pebbled courtyard color, except for the master bedroom, which will be the refreshing pool (aqua) color.

Also going on in the house, we had the plaster finisher come in and fix a couple of drywall issues and dings. The most obvious to us was the curve in drywall against the superior wall in the family room. It wasn't noticeable 'til the baseboard was attached of how bowed the wall was, so we had them build up the plaster a bit there.

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