Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Asiatic Lilies (Pink) blooming

Wednesday, June 25

Today the pink Asiatic Lilies started opening. These things are massive with deep rich pink petals. They almost come up to my shoulders at 4 feet. I'm 5'2", so these things are huge to me. And they're strong too. You'd think by looking at them they'd fall over being that tall, but the stems are incredibly sturdy and hardly even move when touched.

Around the yard:
The orange Asiatic Lilies are in full bloom and mostly all of them are open now.

The plants in the driveway side bed are all starting to bloom and give color to the yard, when you pull in. The planting bed includes Asiatic Lilies, Russian Sage, Pincushion Flowers, Balloon Flowers, Dwarf Daylilies and Irises.

The one Redbud tree is doing well, after transplanting it in the spring, from another location in the front yard.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Asiatic Lilies (Orange) blooming

Sunday, June 22

This morning, as I was talking my daily yard walkabout I noticed that the Asiatic Lilies, I planted last year, are finally starting to bloom. Everyday for the lat month I've been looking at this things wondering when they're going to pop open. Today the dwarf orange lilies started to open... and man are they a pop of color out of the green foliage.

I just can't get over the amazing color of this orange Asiatic Lily. It's phenomenal!

Tim and I also noticed the Chestnut tree had a bit of a growth spirt. In a week it literally grew to twice it's height. We couldn't get over it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Honeymoon Stone

Monday, June 16

When Tim and I had taken taken our Honeymoon, up in Canada, by Algonquin Park, we brought back a roadside souvenir. I had Tim stop the car, on the way home and we swiped a large stone, from the side of the road as a souvenir. It's been waiting for a home since then. I don't know if this will be it's permanent home, but for now it's become a feature in the planting bed on the side of the driveway.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hidden Path - Planting Bed

Sunday, June 15

When I planted last year, there were certain things I wasn't too savy about.... deer resistant for one, another was the whole sun/shade plant thing. Most of the plants I've gotten are full sun and are in the perfect spot, but the lime coral bells are shade loving. So... I moved them to a nice shade spot.

I created a little triangular planting bed, at the entrance of our hidden path, where our sunflower garden stake is. I transplanted the 2 poor sun burnt coral bells and planted a Japanese Painted fern there. Hopefully they'll perk up.

I also made a temporary planting bed for the Pussy Willows Tim's parents gave us. We'll make a more permanent area when we construct the fire pit area. I noticed the are was starting to get taken over by weeds, so this we take care of it for a while.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Planted Aunt Frances' Wild Geranium

Friday, June 13

There's a large percentage of my new found love for gardening comes from my late Great Aunt Frances. She had such a green thumb. She was kinda like a 2nd grandma to me. Her and my other Great Aunt Cynthia lived downstairs from my Grandma and I spent just as much time with them as my Grandma.

My Aunt Frances had a wonder sense of gardening. Profuse flowers evvvverywhere in the yard and a pristine lawn that felt like velvet. There are certain plants I always think about when I think of her... Magnolia trees, Snap Dragons and Hens and Chicks (I used to love the strange feel of the Hens and Chicks when I stepped on them as a kid... I don't know why).

My Mom recently gave me a part of a plant, from her garden, that was passed to her from my Aunts garden. It's a Wild Geranium cut-leaf (Geranium dissectum). It gets these little pink flowers and has these very cool delicate leaves. In time it will fill in and become very full and dense. I planted it next to my Magnolia tree and the Hens and Chicks.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rabbit Out

Wednesday, June 4

Ok... at this point I've had enough of the darn deer and bunnies eating my tender new spring plants. They munched down my Halcyon Hostas and even my new Russian Sage. So I bought some Rabbit Out, from, to go with my Deer Out. Poopheads!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Landscape - Planted Annuals

Sunday, June 1

This past weekend I had gone with my parents to Hi-Way Garden Center. They have an extremely large collection of Annuals to choose from there. That place was like a candy store to my Mom. Going to a place like that, with my parents, is something I can appreciate now. I couple of years ago I would've been bored silly, but I actually bought some things.

Today I planted what I bought.... spruced up our curb appeal with some colorful flowers :)

I've been wanting 2 perrenials for a while that I bought with the annuals too. An Elijah Blue Fescue Grass and a Dianthus, which gets vibrant deep pink flowers and planted them in the rock garden by the Magnolia tree. I love the Fescue grass... he's such a fun spiky looking guy :)

Also.. around the yard..
The baby Kwanzan Flowering Cherry tree is doing nicely. So is the baby Chestnut tree.

I also had taken a shot at planting an arrangement of annuals in pot for the first time. I'm thinking I did ok :) I love the pop of colors it gives to our entrance. It's a nice friendly welcome for our guests :)