Sunday, June 01, 2008

Landscape - Planted Annuals

Sunday, June 1

This past weekend I had gone with my parents to Hi-Way Garden Center. They have an extremely large collection of Annuals to choose from there. That place was like a candy store to my Mom. Going to a place like that, with my parents, is something I can appreciate now. I couple of years ago I would've been bored silly, but I actually bought some things.

Today I planted what I bought.... spruced up our curb appeal with some colorful flowers :)

I've been wanting 2 perrenials for a while that I bought with the annuals too. An Elijah Blue Fescue Grass and a Dianthus, which gets vibrant deep pink flowers and planted them in the rock garden by the Magnolia tree. I love the Fescue grass... he's such a fun spiky looking guy :)

Also.. around the yard..
The baby Kwanzan Flowering Cherry tree is doing nicely. So is the baby Chestnut tree.

I also had taken a shot at planting an arrangement of annuals in pot for the first time. I'm thinking I did ok :) I love the pop of colors it gives to our entrance. It's a nice friendly welcome for our guests :)

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