Friday, May 20, 2005

We have Stairs!

Friday, May 20

I was pleasantly surprised to come home from work and find that we finally have stairs. I felt like Tom Hanks, in the Money Pit, when he finds they finally have stairs as he runs up and down them, almost crying.

I was so cool not to use a ladder, or climb up through the studs anymore. And I was even more pleasantly surprised to see boards cut and placed over the stairs to protect them. Mike had said that Tim and I would be responsible for that, but I guess the framers decided to do that for us.

Although I'm happy to see the stairs, I was surprised to see them cause no one had mentioned when they were being installed. I had wanted the bottom step to be triangular, to match the angles of the fireplace and the kitchen counter, so now we'll have get that taken care of.

The house is also getting ready for siding as well by getting wrapped with the green vapor barrier that Barden provided. The siding won't be installed until the dry wall goes on though.

On and since the cool angle of the chimney had to be removed, due to the fireplace people's request, I had asked them to install an angled sort-of cap to the top. I just could let go of the angled theme that the chimney used to have I guess. I like it. It's a nice compromise, I think.

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