Monday, May 23, 2005

Hanger issues

Monday, May 23

I found out that the hangers are um, a different bread of people. I think I got spoiled with the framers and their impeccable neatness. Although the hangers seem to be proficient with hanging the drywall and everything looked in order of how the drywall should look, they could take tips from the frames on cleanup.

The frames were excellent about cleanup and looking after things. When I got to the house last night, the garage door was wide open, as were most of the lower level windows, including the deck door. My deck door screen, which was still in a box, was face down and flat on the ground. Unused boxes were thrown all over the place in the back of the house. On the inside, I found fries spilled down the stairs and all over the concrete floor, as well as cigarette butts all over the place.

I also found that the sump-pump was left on. The sump-pump pumps out any water in the basement, and due to no drainage yet for it, it just kept recycling the water back into the sump-pump hole. As a result, my sneakers found a very muddy mote near the front door.

I emailed Joe about it and he said he'll take care of things for me.

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