Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tiles - Durock board

Tuesday, November 29

Jim, our trim person, started on preparing the walls for tiles today. He installed a board called Durock Cement Board.

When we first asked him if he would do the tiles, he looked at the bathrooms and stated that the drywall people hadn't used, what he considered, as the correct boards, in the shower area. They used green board, which is better than regular drywall, but the best choice would have been Durock. It's a cement board, instead of plaster. Durock Cement Board is said to be a good as an water-durable ceramic tile base for tub and shower areas. Not only our trim guy mentioned this, but also the last time the drywall finisher worked, he had also mentioned that it would've been better if the hangers used it.

We then asked the drywall sub-contractor, Frank, why the hangers hadn't used it, since everyone knew we were doing tile. He said they don't do that and that you're tile person is suppose to do that. This made no sense to me, considering that the drywall would have to be ripped down, in order to use it....... so why wouldn't they have just used it to begin with is beyond me.

Anyways.... Jim ripped down the green board and installed the Durock, in both tub areas, in the areas that would be exposed to the most moisture.

When the walls are done setting, he'll be installing the tiles..... prob next week, he said. Until then, our tiles are waiting patiently, in the hall, to be used.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

First snowfall & interior pics

Friday, November 25

I figured today was the perfect day to take pics of the house..... not only did we get our first snowfall that the house has had, but today my bestfriend is in town and figured I''d show recent pics.

This was the first time we had seen the flooring, without cardboard over it. I thought it looked fantastic. I'm so happy with how it turned out! I LOVE the diagonal! Even though it was a pain... it was worth it!

The kitchen looks great with the bamboo. The bamboo and carmel color cabinets give a very warm cozy balance to the techno feel of the stainless steal and black trim. And ohhh... and when the sunlight hits the bamboo.... it's gives such an amazing warm glow..... I LOVE IT!

Wow.... I can't wait to wake up in this room. Tim and I agree.... we love... love the bamboo and natural pine with the blue. Tim esp seems to like the bamboo in this room, with the blues.

We hung up our curtains, that we had gotten as bridal shower gifts, do that the bathrooms looked more finished, when the bank appraiser had inspected. As the guest bathroom, we wanted to give the lower bathroom more of a fun look, with an aquatic theme. for our guests.

Stairs turned out great.

I think they are one of the most important parts of the house..... just for the reason that some of the best views of the interior are from the landing. The first view from the landing is the fireplace and when turning to the left, an awesome view of the kitchen and sliding glass door.

The house looks great.... and I love it even more, without the blue painters tape accents :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bank approved! Humidifier installed

Wednesday, November 23

Tim called about noon today..... the bank approved and we can set a closing date. My Godfather is out of town, at the moment, so when he gets back, we can close.

Also today... our heating people came in to hook up the humidifier that the forgot to do. They had also installed the dryer vent tubing as well.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Temp tileboard & bank inspection

Tuesday, November 22

We found out yesterday... at least somewhat good news. Because the bank doesn't view our lower-level as living space, due to it being 4 ft under ground, they agreed that the lower bathroom doesn't need to be finished. This meant that all we had to do was install the tile-board on the upper bathroom.

They said all they needed was for it to look finished. So that's what we had done. Unfortunately, I had a very late day yesterday, at work and we didn't get to start until late.... and didn't finish til 4am. Oh how I love not getting sleep. It payed off though..... the bank appraiser approved of it..... now all we have to do is wait for the official ok, which they said will be tomorrow. Yeah!

Before the appraiser got there though, Tim worked, like a mad man to clean up everything and make it look homey. He ripped off all the blue tape, that we hadn't gotten a chance to do yet. While he was doing that, Jim and his crew came in and finished up the last bit of baseboard and trim work around the stairs.

It was so cool, when I had seen the house, after work. It looked so completely different, with all the blue tape off. When I get a chance, in the daylight, I'll have to take pics of everything.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Locksets & hinges & pizza

Saturday, November 19

Well... the long time awaited even of receiving and installing our locksets finally happened today. Tim had picked up the satin nickel locksets we've been waiting for since June 9th , from Sales Associates of WNY, on Wednesday. We also finally have the 6th satin nickel hinge, we'd been waiting for as well.

We replaced the brass hinges, with the satin nickel, we had originally asked for, on the front, kitchen and back doors. The kitchen door, according to code, has to be self-closing, because of the attached garage. Very clever and interesting little gadget those hinges are. The have a spring inside of them. First it's tighten up by a allen wrench, then you insert a pin into a hole to keep it taut in place.

After that we finally were able to swop the temp locksets with the exterior satin nickel locksets (that were ordered incorrectly 2 times and had taken 5 months to be corrected, by Sales Associates of WNY, that don't match the other hardware)..... *roll eyes*.

We received 3 locksets and 2 dead-bolts, that we'll be using on the exterior doors. The handles are flared, just like the interior, but they have one other thing different, besides needing a key to open them, you also need the key to take off the handles. With the interior handles, the flares can pop off, just by pushing a little button, but the exterior ones are rigged so that the handles actually need the key inserted in it to take off the flares.

I never really thought about it, until we installed them. We found this out, when we needed to flip the flares, so that they pointed in the correct position. It's not really a big thing to write about, but I thought it was a cool little detail, that I never really thought about before.

We decided to hold off installing the lockset on the front door, cause our heating sub-contractor still needs to install the humidifier, that they had forgotten to do. Also, they'll be installing the vent, for our dryer as well. They can just use the lockbox on the temp lockset and then we'll install our lockset, after that.

It felt so nice to finally at least have the lockset issue behind us. Now all we have to wait for is the satin nickel sliding glass door handles, that we've been also waiting 5 months for.

Ok... now a good moment...
Today we used the stove, for the first time. Nothing big, we just heated up pizza, but it was the first thing we ever used the stove for, so it was a memorable moment. It was fun using the digital timer..... and it even counts down for pre-heat. We ate it on paper plates, while siting on the carpet in the family room and even watched some TV :) It felt nice........ and felt very homey :)

Friday, November 18, 2005

Phone hookup, Temp CO, Bank inspection

Friday, November 18

I swear... whenever something good has happened, through this project, something else pops up just to make us crazy.

The Good...
Well.. that's obvious.... we had our phone hooked up today. I already had it programed into my cell as "Home", so when Tim called me, from the house, trying out the phone, it was very cool to see "Home calling" on my caller ID.

Temp C of O (Certificate of Occupancy)....
So... to back-track.... way back when we found out that our countertop needed to be re-ordered, due to a Barden mistake, the bank said they'd let us close on a temporary CO, with the amendment that we have the countertops installed.

Well.. today the town inspector came to inspect for temp CO. We passed everything and were told that we only needed an updated survey (which was on it's way) and that we can then get CO. We still needed to install the tiles (which were back-ordered), but with temp CO, all you need is the tub facet to be working, so we could still get temp CO.

That was good.... and we thought that the day would continue on that way..... nope.... the bank decided to throw us a curve ball.

They spontaneously today stated that the temp Co wasn't good enough. They had noticed that the plumbing had run over-budget (due to the plumbing issues) and decided that they wanted the house completely done..... including tiles.

Here's the problem.... our trimmer has a full schedule and won't be able to get to them, til next week sometime. We needed to come up with a solution, and fast, in order to get the bank to come and inspect, so that we could close on time.

My Dad suggested asking if we could put up something temporarily, that they'd approve of. We were told that would be fine, as long as it "looked finished". So.... that's what we'll be doing this weekend, is coming up with a temp solution. We have some compensation money from the tile place, which they were kind enough to give back to us, for the lateness, so we'll be using that to get a temp solution.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Thursday, November 17

I also had an unexpected surprise today too. My Dad asked me if I had gone out to the garage yet today. After replying that I quickly had gone out just to get something, he then asked if I had seen a rathe large box out there. I said no, and that I just grabbed what I needed and didn't really look around. The I asked "What box?". He said that we received a delivery today. I was like "huh?". I don't remember anything else that we were waiting for, from Barden. He told me to go check it out.

I received a pleasant surprise, when I checked out the garage. Siting on the side was a huuuge box. In that huge box was a wedding gift that my brother had dropped off. My brother and sister-in-law bought us a brand new kick-ass snow blower. I nice big one. He had told me, on our wedding night what we were getting, but told me that wanted to research more.. esp since they weren't in season yet.

The second I had seen it, I had to call and thank them. It was the perfect gift coming from my Brother and my Sister-in-law! It's an awesome gift, one we'll use it a lot in years to come. I can't wait to use it!!!!

Spindles - done building

Thursday, November 17

After a nice long day at work, I met up with my Dad and Uncle Andrew to finish the spindles up. When I got there, they had just finished placing the landing's front spindles. They were all cut and ready to be glued in place.

My Uncle Andrew and I then started on measuring all the spindles for the last portion of the railing. I measured, then my uncle cut it and so on. After my uncle left, my Dad and I finished it up. In the middle of doing that, we also puttied and sanded the leaning railing. I call it leaning, cause we made it exactly the perfect comfort height for leading. And it became that very quickly. At one point my Dad was below when we started discussing something, and without even thinking about it, as I was looking down at him, I noticed myself comfortably leaning on the railing. It's great.... just the right height and width to lean your arm and hands on.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

landing & posts, locksets

Wednesday, November 16

When I got to the house, after work, my Dad and I started on the final posts. Dad had nailed down the rest of the planks on the landing, except for the edge nosing.

The way posts are typically secured is by pegs. We kinda used one on the top corner post of the landing, but this peg is not just glued in. My brother drilled a hole and bolted that baby to the joist, which will make it nice and strong.

After we figured out how we were going to secure the corner post, my Dad and I needed to carve out holes where the horizontal supports for the spindles will be inserted into. We did use drills, to get it started,, but most of it was curved out by good 'ol fashioned hammers and chisels.

Next, we had to deal with the last post attached to a rather bowed part of the wall. We had 2 options.... carve down the wall, or carve down the wood. My Dad opted for the wood..... which I was iffy about. I totally thought it would be noticeable, but actually it turned out rather well..... and if I didn't know any better, I'd never know that a 1/2 inch was carved out of that post. We used 2 bolts, one of which will be covered by the horizontal spindle support, but the other, we'll need to use a plug to hide it.

Also today.....
Our lock-sets are fiiiiiiiiiiinallllllly in. Tim picked them up this evening, from the Sales Associates of WNY office. Finally.... finally.... finally..... it only had taken them 2 freakn months! We've been waiting since June 9th, to for this order to be corrected......... we can't wait to install them.

Handles & Locksets, Railing, Tiles, Landing

Tuesday, November 15

Handles & locksets......

So... I get this call, from our Barden dealer (Sales Associates of WNY) this morning that totally blew me away. It's so absurd it's laughable.

Apparently the door handles for our sliding glass door was never ordered...... ever. Our regular doors came from Therma-Thru, she explained, and our glass door was from Integrity and therefore the door handles aren't part of the package. Then she goes on to tell me that Mike payed for them out of pocket, cause it wasn't part of the package and that they were expensive.

So I'm listening to this and I just don't know how to react to this one. So I ask..... I don't understand..... why weren't the handles ordered anyways..... I mean... we need handles. I remember when we picked them at the model home and I even remember stating we wanted the satin nickel, after Mike showed us what they'd look like, on a door at the model home. to Mike. She didn't have an answer.

*raise eyebrow*.... what the heck??? I hope that they are not expecting me to thank them for purchasing the handles out of pocket. For all the grief and screw ups.... I should hope not...... please!

Also.... I found out our locksets should be in tomorrow. Hopefully this time, they are actually the correct ones. 2 f&*^&*^&* months of waiting... %^&%^*^&*.


While at work, my Dad and Uncle Andrew worked again on finishing the layout for the railing and spindles.

I received a call this morning that our glass tiles, that were delayed are ready for pickup.

After work, I worked hard to finish the flooring and diamond design on the landing, so that we can continue with the rest of the posts and spindles.

It's now my busy season at work, and it's starting to take effects on me.... I was pretty tired and had issues cutting those darn planks to fit correctly. One plank had taken me 5 tries, before I cut it correctly, but I plugged along and finally finished. I hadn't had a chance to nail them in, but it won't be that hard for my Dad or I to quickly do that tomorrow.

Even with it not nailed down, it was looking pretty darn cool, I must say. I love the fact that in the center of the design, we decided to use the vertical bamboo planks. We wanted to use them somewhere in the house. If I had a brain, I would've used the vertical bamboo around the heart...... but at least we used it on the landing.

Also.... we finally figured out a solution for how to support the end cabinets that hang out. In the original picture, that Tim and I were inspired by, there was a stainless steal tube supporting those cabinets. Unfortunately, our design required some modification to that idea... something that would not extrude on the counter space, as we were limited.

My Uncle Andrew came up with an awesome-awesome idea. He shot out the idea of a support handle, like for use with a handicaped bathroom. They are stainless steel and have a curve on the end, therefore could be screw directly into the half wall and thus leaving the counter free. What a great idea I thought.... so that's what we had done. So I had gone out, bought a 18" handle and my uncle Jan cut it for me to fit. The installed it today and it worked perfectly. It gives the exact look we wanted.

Starting to feel homey....
Way back in the begining of the year, I was so anxious about building that I started purchasing certain things that I knew we'd eventually need. One of which were stools. My Dad said to me that he was standing at the counter and he wished he could've sat on something. The stools have been in storage, but I decided it's time to bring at least one out.

I was going for something a bit more arts & crafts originally, but this style reminds me of a chair I used to have as a little kid. It pretty much looked the same, but it was chrome, instead of the black ones I found. I think they match great though and coordinate with the black trim in the kitchen.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Phone #, Kitchen sink

Monday, November 14

I received a call, from Tim, this morning. Our phone won't actually be hooked up until Friday, but we did get our phone # today. It was exciting to finally have a #. The first person I gave it too was my Mom. Then I emailed it to all my friends.

A little later on in the morning, my Mom called and said that the plumber was at the house and wanted to know which basic to install the garbage disposal to, for the kitchen sink. When I got there, after work, it was so nice to finally see our kitchen sink. Even more exciting was to use the faucet. I love the goose neck spout!!! And the best part was using the nozzle..... which has a dual function. The head swivels and goes from a sharp stream to a shower stream. The sink itself has a small large and small basin. And it has matt stainless steel on the top and more of a polished stainless steel look in the basin areas.

The dishwasher was also installed as well. It just made it under the counters, though. I'm not sure if our counters are a typical height or not, but the level screws had to be screwed up all the way and the two back wheels had to be put into the slot that gives the most amount of space. It looks like it fits like a glove though. Can't wait to use it.

At this point, the fridge is the only thing that hasn't been put into place. We just wanted to give the baseboard a coat of poly, before pushing it into place.