Wednesday, November 16, 2005

landing & posts, locksets

Wednesday, November 16

When I got to the house, after work, my Dad and I started on the final posts. Dad had nailed down the rest of the planks on the landing, except for the edge nosing.

The way posts are typically secured is by pegs. We kinda used one on the top corner post of the landing, but this peg is not just glued in. My brother drilled a hole and bolted that baby to the joist, which will make it nice and strong.

After we figured out how we were going to secure the corner post, my Dad and I needed to carve out holes where the horizontal supports for the spindles will be inserted into. We did use drills, to get it started,, but most of it was curved out by good 'ol fashioned hammers and chisels.

Next, we had to deal with the last post attached to a rather bowed part of the wall. We had 2 options.... carve down the wall, or carve down the wood. My Dad opted for the wood..... which I was iffy about. I totally thought it would be noticeable, but actually it turned out rather well..... and if I didn't know any better, I'd never know that a 1/2 inch was carved out of that post. We used 2 bolts, one of which will be covered by the horizontal spindle support, but the other, we'll need to use a plug to hide it.

Also today.....
Our lock-sets are fiiiiiiiiiiinallllllly in. Tim picked them up this evening, from the Sales Associates of WNY office. Finally.... finally.... finally..... it only had taken them 2 freakn months! We've been waiting since June 9th, to for this order to be corrected......... we can't wait to install them.

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