Monday, November 07, 2005

Final Electric

Monday, November 7

Our final electric was today. Brian, our electrician came in today to install the last of the electrical fixtures, swop the switches for rocker switches and connect all the rest of the wiring to the breaker box. We asked him to label all the breakers, which we found out he usually does anyways, but I have heard that some electricians don't bother.

Brain also had an interesting time moving a plug that was above the kitchen counter back-splash. Unfortunately, The 1/2 wall, in our opinion, was just a built little too short. I feel it should've been at least 2 inches taller. In the plans, it states that there was a stove going there, yet the wall is too short for typical stove height. This was why we were forced to look at slide in stoves. We also found that it was too short in the respect of the counter was well. The typical height for a back-splash is 3" - 3 1/2". With that height the back-splash comes up into the outlet height. Brain would up having to rip apart the drywall a bit and move the outlet up as much as he could, without cutting away at 2x4 of the half wall.

It still wasn't heigh enough as we'd like it though. So before my Dad and I patched up the drywall, we decided to move it up just a bit more. We wound up chipping away a bit at the 2x4 inside, but it was worth it.... and now the counter fits awesomely below it. According to my Dad.... he feels I'm getting quiet good at plaster patch ups. :)

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