Friday, November 11, 2005

Railing Posts - prepairing

Friday, November 11

Over the last couple of days, in between things, I planed and sanded 4 4x4 posts that my Dad picked up for me. He thought they'd make good posts and I agreed. My job was to pick out the nicest ones and make them look nice. After installation, we'll polyurethane them, like the rest of the trim work.

I choose the nicest one out of them, for the bottom post, which is the first to be seen. Then, Dad, my Brain, Tim and I fitted the holes and put the posts in place, to see how they'd look. After that, my brother temporarily screwed the first post, from the basement. We then took all the measurements, for where the handrail will go, as well as the 2nd post, on the landing.

Tomorrow's project will be more involved. We'll be fitting the next post, but before anymore is done, I'll have to finish the bamboo, on the landing. That particular project will be an interesting one. I'm looking forward to it, cause I get to install the diamond design inlay, that my Dad built for me. At the same time, though, it'll be a bitch to fit the planks around it. Still... I can't wait.

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