Monday, November 14, 2005

Phone #, Kitchen sink

Monday, November 14

I received a call, from Tim, this morning. Our phone won't actually be hooked up until Friday, but we did get our phone # today. It was exciting to finally have a #. The first person I gave it too was my Mom. Then I emailed it to all my friends.

A little later on in the morning, my Mom called and said that the plumber was at the house and wanted to know which basic to install the garbage disposal to, for the kitchen sink. When I got there, after work, it was so nice to finally see our kitchen sink. Even more exciting was to use the faucet. I love the goose neck spout!!! And the best part was using the nozzle..... which has a dual function. The head swivels and goes from a sharp stream to a shower stream. The sink itself has a small large and small basin. And it has matt stainless steel on the top and more of a polished stainless steel look in the basin areas.

The dishwasher was also installed as well. It just made it under the counters, though. I'm not sure if our counters are a typical height or not, but the level screws had to be screwed up all the way and the two back wheels had to be put into the slot that gives the most amount of space. It looks like it fits like a glove though. Can't wait to use it.

At this point, the fridge is the only thing that hasn't been put into place. We just wanted to give the baseboard a coat of poly, before pushing it into place.

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