Sunday, July 30, 2006

Logs - cut & split more

Sunday, July 30

My life these days consists of getting up, going to work, coming home, eating, then splitting logs. Though we are almost done with the pile that Dad has help cut up last week.

We've now started a 3rd stack.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Curtain Panels - Living room & Garage

Saturday, July 29

Ahhh.... finally the 4th panel in the living room is now hanging. We only had 3 and it needed a forth, but I needed to purchase a single track to do it. This past Tuesday Mom, Dad and I had taken a trip up to Ikea and I purchased what I needed to finish off the living room and also for the garage.

I had a nice surprise for when I was working on the living room.... I had forgotten that I already had pre-cut and assembled the last panel. All I needed to do was just install the track. I love when I think ahead :)

As for the garage... it was nice to have that added privacy now.... not to mention... added coolness :)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Logs - cut and split more

Friday, July 28

It seems like there's no end to these logs.... arg.

Today my Dad came over with his brand spanking new chain saw to cut more of the logs, we want to relocate. He and Tim were cutting them, while I split them. I couldn't keep up though. It's been rainy and high humidity, so the log splitter was not cutting them as quickly. Elm trees are the worst. They are so stringy... like string cheese, but I've heard they burn very nicely though.

The split log stack is getting bigger and bigger... it's now 2 rows. Tim and I decided that we'd probably sell off some in the Fall. Considering we're only halfway done with splitting the logs, it'd take as long-long-long time to go through the pile, so we figured why not sell some and get a little extra cash.

Some of the logs are too big and cut. My Dad suggested that we use them for sitting areas, around the camp fire for now. I like that idea... they're a prefect size for that.

Anyways.... we quit at 8:45pm, so that Dad could go home and quickly change and come back for watching Stargate with us. It's fun to have a house..... I get to invite my Dad over for SciFi Friday's.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Drain fixed, Moved more logs

Wednesday, July 26

Jerry came by today, with his assistant John, and they fixed the drain. He made the correct assessment. The pvc tube was crushed. They replaced the crushed area and ran water through it to make sure it flowed through it. Now we don't have to worry about run off rain water recycling back into the basement.

Also, we relocated more of the logs today. We finished splitting the pile my Dad had cut the other day. Until my Dad has the chance to help cut again, we're trying to relocated the ones we can move. Then, we can cut and split the relocated pile as time permits.

We were able to clear an area actually. The driveway area looks better already, now that half of those logs are relocated.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Garage - Pegboard

Sunday, July 23

I gave the garage more organization today when I installed a peg board finally. I also installed 2 more FastTracks, but after installing a peg board, I might be moving the one FastTrack up a little bit.

The pegboard actually was constructed out of the temporary door Dad and I had made for the front entrance, when Tim and I had stained the front door way back in last October. The stain needed to dry for a full 24 hrs, so we had taken the door off and my Dad built a temp door, out of some left over pegboards, he had. He told me that I could keep them and use them in the garage, when I got to it.

So... I finally got to it today. After I screwed everything together I painted it the same Ruby Ring Red color as the walls and screwed it right to the studs. Now I can organize the tools I have..... which isn't a lot, but it's getting there :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

FastTrack - garden tools

Saturday, July 22

Ahh,,,, organization.

My Dad told me once that every tool needs a home... a place to be put back. So... my tools are getting closer and closer to having homes.

I love Rubbermaid.... their FastTrack system is awesome. I already used it to hang up shelving on the front wall, with the window. Now I'm going to use it to hang up my garden tools, such as shovels and hoes.

I wanted the site of them to be hidden, from the roadside, so I decided to hang the tracks on the garage door wall, in the corner. That way, the only time they'd be in site is when you're looking at the door.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Drainage - pipe crushed

Wednesday, July 19

Our plumber Jerry and his assistant, John, came to check out the drain issue today.

Tim was there at the time and emailed me on the progress. They ran a line through the conductor line and found that halfway to the road, from the house appeared to be crushed. They told Tim that the lines were laid prior to the fill coming in and they think trucks could have crushed them. Jerry said that normally the lines should be laid after the fill, but not everyone does that. Especially if G&K wanted to do it all in one day with the septic and lines.

*Roll eyes*..... figures.

Anyways.... Jerry said that since he'd be digging up the front anyways, for the circular driveway, topsoil, grass and it's a minimum expense, he'd just fix it for us and add it into the front cost. That way it'd be done and done correctly. So we gave the ok.

Oh... we also apparently have some yellow jackets nests in the grass, by the drainage pipe and under the stone overhang in the front of the house. John found the one in the grass, when he was looking at the drain pipe. Tim said John got stung a couple of times.... yikes. Tim immediately got some spray and sprayed the suckers. Yeah... just what we need.... yellow jackets stinging our "good" subcontractors...... why couldn't they go after the poopheads, like Joe or Sean?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Logs - Split and stacked more

Tuesday, July 18

Tim and I were able to split the rest of the stack of logs, my Dad cut for us on the 13th. Unfortunately, this is only a portion of the logs, but at least we made a good dent in them. I'd say we're about a 3rd done with splitting and relocating the logs to the backyard.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Chipper shredder

Sunday, July 16

The last of the new toys I bought recently was a small chipper shredder. Most of the smaller logs and branches we can just burn in a bonfire, but I figured I'd have fun making my own wood chips and use it for landscaping.

So today I tested it out. I only had fun for about 10 minutes cause it was in the 90's and freakn hot and humid. But I managed to chip up a couple of branches for my test run.

Oh... sidebar..... for anyone taking bets...... the chipper shredder was left, by delivery, in the wide open front of the garage. I really have to leave a not to the delivery people, since nothing is ever in left in the same spot.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Logs - cutting & splitting

Thursday, July 13

Today we had done some manual labor and cut, split and moved logs. My Dad came over with his chain saw and helped us move some of those logs, on the side of the driveway, to the back of the house.

We had a production line going. My Dad would cut the logs, while I moved them to the log splitter, TIm would split them, then I used the wood cart and staked them in the back yard. We gave Tim the splitting job, (due to him throwing his back out carrying all that water yesterday when our run-off water kept recycling back into the sub-pump well).

The log splitter is fun. I bought it a couple of days ago at Harbor Freight. For under 300 bucks I got a 5 ton electric splitter than can split logs up to 20" log, by 10 inch diameter. This was the largest one they had on the low end, after this one, the price jumped to 800. It was a good bye and as far as I'm concerned it's already payed for itself. It didn't take long to split what was comparable to 30 store bought bundles.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Water backing up sub-pump

Wednesday, July 12

Today it rained...... a lot..... like Noah's Arch a lot. And we found out something interesting...... our sub-pump had to work overtime..... more than it should've been. Tim said it was turning on once every minute to minute and a half throughout the afternoon. It was recycling back into the sub-pump well. From the outside, the downspouts were bubbling up with water.... like the drain pipe was clogged. We'd blame it on the rain, but by the afternoon, it should've been draining and it wasn't.

To help the pump from overworking, Tim had bucketed out over 30 buckets of water to the backyard (which I know he'll be hurting from tomorrow). I purchased a little utility pump after work, but didn't get home 'til late. My Dad's 60th bday was today, so I got home after 10. The sub-pump was still running every minute, even after Tim's efforts to slow it. We quickly hooked up the utility pump and ran it out the basement window to the backyard. After 2 hrs, it finally was only running about every 5 or so minutes.

Tomorrow Tim will call Jerry to see if he has any ideas of what's going on.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tim moved logs, Log cart

Tuesday, July 11

Ok.... I have a crazy husband. When I got home today, I had the wonderful, yet crazy surprise of Tim moving a large section of logs by himself. He's crazy I tell you. Those were big freakn logs.

He said he wanted to give me a day off from work, so that I could relax tonight. He's such a sweetie.... crazy... but sweet. So... I relaxed with assembling another toy..... a log cart. I bought it from Harbor Freight. It can support about 200 lbs and has nice big jumbo bike wheels on it, for easy movability.

On a sidebar.... this item was left by the right side of the garage door. It seems as though anytime we have a delivery, they leave it in a new spot.... it's like a guessing game... where will the package be today :)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Moving and stacking logs

Sunday, July 9

Since we now have defined where our left (North) property line is, we now have an idea how much wider we can make the parking area next to the garage. The problem is that when the trees were cleared for the house, that's where the crew, as well as us, tossed the logs. They've been out of the way, until now, but we have to move them, if we want more land fill there.

The easiest way my Dad found to stack logs is to stack them between two trees, using the trees as log racks. Unfortunately, the best place to do that has a freakn stump right between the tress. So, instead, I bought 4 green retaining wall posts and we'll use them in the same manor. Large (6-8 foot) log racks range anywhere between 150 and 600 bucks that I've seen. These posts were 6 bucks each..... and can be put anywhere we want.

So... Tim and I started to move the smaller logs that we could carry. The larger ones my Dad said he'd help us cut them up, so they're moveable.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Front Lawn and finding Property Lines

Saturday, July 8

We met up with Jerry today. Jerry was the plumber "we" hired to finish off the plumbing disaster. He has also become our excavator and final grade person. Anyways.... we met up with him this morning to chat about finally finishing off the front yard, which has been on hold due to budget.

Yes... to answer your question, the final grade, top soil and grass was originally in the budget, but due to fixing the plumbing issue, the rest of the budget had gone to fixing that unprofessional job. So, we had to put finishing off the front until now. We'd actually like to hold off a bit more, but the town is pushing us to finish it.

Anyways.... we discussed many things today, but the largest item was the front yard, which is currently a field of weeds knee hight at the moment. The weeds will be turned into a nice front lawn, with a possible graveled in circular driveway, which I had staked out this past week.

We also discussed more fill in the low spots. Jerry said he'll give us a quote soon. We also discussed putting more fill on the side of the driveway to our property line. Since our property is not a rectangle and actually a parallelogram, there's a good 15 feet more in front of our driveway that I'd like to use as parking space.

Unfortunately, the stakes have now been overgrown and we need to find them. I tried for almost an hour to find the right back property stake, I my own, but the brush and weeds have grown to 4-5 feet high and I couldn't find it.

After I admitted defeat, I decided to recruited Tim and my Dad to help. We found it by measuring from the left back stake the footage and arcing it until we found the right stake. Then we had to take a string from that one and work our way through all the brush and trees to line it up with the front one. It had all together taken us over 2 hours to find and cut down all the brush and weeds along the property lines.

When I was done, I made sure that we wouldn't loose track of that marker again.