Thursday, July 13, 2006

Logs - cutting & splitting

Thursday, July 13

Today we had done some manual labor and cut, split and moved logs. My Dad came over with his chain saw and helped us move some of those logs, on the side of the driveway, to the back of the house.

We had a production line going. My Dad would cut the logs, while I moved them to the log splitter, TIm would split them, then I used the wood cart and staked them in the back yard. We gave Tim the splitting job, (due to him throwing his back out carrying all that water yesterday when our run-off water kept recycling back into the sub-pump well).

The log splitter is fun. I bought it a couple of days ago at Harbor Freight. For under 300 bucks I got a 5 ton electric splitter than can split logs up to 20" log, by 10 inch diameter. This was the largest one they had on the low end, after this one, the price jumped to 800. It was a good bye and as far as I'm concerned it's already payed for itself. It didn't take long to split what was comparable to 30 store bought bundles.

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