Sunday, July 23, 2006

Garage - Pegboard

Sunday, July 23

I gave the garage more organization today when I installed a peg board finally. I also installed 2 more FastTracks, but after installing a peg board, I might be moving the one FastTrack up a little bit.

The pegboard actually was constructed out of the temporary door Dad and I had made for the front entrance, when Tim and I had stained the front door way back in last October. The stain needed to dry for a full 24 hrs, so we had taken the door off and my Dad built a temp door, out of some left over pegboards, he had. He told me that I could keep them and use them in the garage, when I got to it.

So... I finally got to it today. After I screwed everything together I painted it the same Ruby Ring Red color as the walls and screwed it right to the studs. Now I can organize the tools I have..... which isn't a lot, but it's getting there :)

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