Saturday, January 28, 2006

Post trim & nosing plugs

Saturday, January 28

Today's project involved cutting and nailing trim for around the landing posts and plugging the screw holes on the stair nosing.

We decided that the landing posts needed some base trim to finish the look, so I spent the morning measuring and cutting leftover trim for them. When I was done cutting them up, I nailed them in place. Now the posts have a nice finished base to them.

A while back I had purchased plug cutters, which are basically sharp ended tubes used in a drill press that cut short dowels for plugging screw and nail holes. I used my Dad's drill press and cut a bunch of plugs in a scrap piece of bamboo for the screw holes in the nosing of the landing. Although the bamboo tended to scorch, if I had drilled too long, without using wax on the bit... found that out the hard way, but I quickly learned that wax is a wonderful thing.... it's a plug cutters best friend :)

I wanted to use bamboo for the plugs so that it matched, although I have seen some flooring with plugs of different material to give a design element to it, but I didn't want them to stand out too much, so I just used the plugs grain opposite. It's subtle, but nice, when you notice it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Putty Landing Trim

Wednesday, January 25

After work, I spent a little time puttying up the nail holes in the landing edging trim and the rest of the baseboard around the stairs. When I get a chance, I'll be sanding the pine for the polyurethane. First though, I'm going to be adding some base trim to the posts... then I'll poly. That will be my next project.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Landing trim

Sunday, January 22

Today my Dad and I finally had a chance to finish the trim on the landing. We hadn't finished it cause we couldn't figure out how we'd like to finish it off.

Originally, I had purchased bamboo nosing to hang over the edge of the landing, but the round nosing didn't match up with the straight lines of the rest of the trim. We didn't want to give up on having the bamboo there and tried to figure out a way to transition the two styles, but it just wasn't working. We finally scraped the idea of having the bamboo nosing and decided to run pine along the edge to match up with the rest of the pine trim along the railing.

I like the way it turned out and it looks good now that the pine trim style continues all the way along the landing edge. Now all I need to do is poly the stairs and I can finally check the stairs of the list.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

xmas clean-up day

Sunday, January 15

It was so sad to see the decorations and tree it in the backyard. It was sad cause it still looked so nice... *sigh*. Tim actually had been bit-by-bit been taking down decorations over the last few days, but now that the tree is gone, the house echoes and looks so bare again. Xmas trees are an excellent sound dampening tool :)

I originally wanted to dig a hole in front and pretend that it was landscaping, as a joke,, but when we had gone to do it...... we realized that we had yet to get a garden shovel... *shrugs & rolls eyes*.... (mental note: add shovel to list)

After the initial sad moment of seeing the house without the tree, I quickly got back to work and started cleaning and organizing everything. Tim and I had a fairly easy time putting away the xmas stuff, since my parents had the awesome idea to get everyone xmas storage bins this year. Instead of having a pile for each on the floor, we all had our own storage bin containing our presents. It was a great idea..... then, not only did we have something to take our presents home in, but we now have them for our decorations.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Circut breakers?

Saturday, January 14

Had a workout today running up and down stairs. I decided that before we plug anymore things into outlets to go through and figure out what is what on the circuit breakers. Our electrician was awesome and did label them, but in generic terms, like "lights and outlets".

This all started because I wanted to hook up the hall lighting fixtures, but couldn't figure out which switched turned off the hall electricity. So.... the morning entailed of me running up and down the stairs to figure out what was what.

I was so happy to finally switch out the place-holders for the hallway lights. They've been out of stock at Ikea, but were in stock on a trip my parents had taken there yesterday. We've just had the 99 cent ceramic bulb holders in their places up until now, just to pass code. They have a similar style to those we had used in the 2 spare bedrooms.

I also figured, since I was doing that, I'd switch out the standard colored light switches to the terra-cotta ones I found that match our walls. They are close to a perfect match as I think is possible.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Door Molding, Linen Closet

Saturday, January 7

Today I had the chance to do somethings that I've been wanting to do for awhile. I had the chance to nail in place some bamboo shoe molding, by the exterior doors. It was such a small detail, that it's hardly noticeable that it was done, but yet it makes the door areas look finished.

I also nailed down a bamboo reducer, by the sliding glass door. When our trim molding was installed, I forgot to tell our trimmer, Jim, that I had a piece of bamboo to go there, instead of regular pine. I didn't say anything to him, cause I new it wouldn't be a big deal for me to replace it.

Another thing that made me feel good today was finally being able to set up the linen closet. We had towels and piles on the floor that I couldn't wait to put away. Unfortunately, again, this was a closet that the 16" shelving didn't fit into that Barden had ordered for us. So, I had gone out to Home Depot and purchased some 12" shelving.

I decided to purchase some re-positional brackets as well. Given that we don't have much linen yet, or how we want the closet set up, I figured after we get a good idea of how we want the closet set up, we could always make them permanent later on.

Here's the cool thing about this closet...... I decided to use the angled floor, due to being above stairs, to my advantage. I nailed down a small strip of bamboo on the angled floor and voila ... instant shoe rack :)

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Thursday, January 5

The last item that we were waiting for to think of ourselves as "officially moved in" was my bedroom set. I purchased it a couple of years ago, at Ikea. The bed is a birch pedestal bed, with attachable night stands. This was the reason I had originally asked Mike for there not to be any vents in that area.

In order to get it from my parents house to our house, it needed to be completely disassembled and reassembled. My Brother brought his van and he and my parents helped us move my bedroom set. After everything was over there, we had taken a quick break with my family and had some pizza, then after everyone left, we got back to work.

JCPenny was having their annual white sale and I would up getting these fun flannel sheets with fishes on them. I thought the colors were perfect for the room, as well as being something fun to look at, while being so gloomy outside lately.

While I stepped out, for a quick bit, Tim decided to surprise me and make up the bed. The room looked so awesome and colorful. After the bed was together, we placed were we wanted the dressers to go. It was so awesome to look at everything all in a row. At my parents they had been all spaced out, due to space. I never realized how sleek they look, until they finally were put next to each other. I like it.... I like it a lot :)

Monday, January 02, 2006

garage cleaning, decor

Monday, January 2

Since I had off from work today, I decided to get some serious stuff done, but first on the agenda was to hang our first clock. It's an atomic clock, that Tim had gotten from my parents, for xmas. It matches our kitchen awesome, with black and stainless steel trim.

Next.... breakfast.... well actually lunch, but I was too lazy too make something, so I ate cereal. And I ate it in no ordinary bowl... this was a footy bowl. Everyone teases me about it, but I don't care... it's fun and funky.

Next up.... real work.... cleaning the garage. I heard it might snow, and since we're staying here now (on a blowup mattress until we have time to move my bed) I wanted to get my car in the garage. So I blitzed the garage, which was filled to the max with cardboard, planks, wood trim, tools.... you name it, it was there. And I didn't even have to worry about doing it in the cold, since my awesome Brother is letting me borrow his portable heater.