Saturday, January 07, 2006

Door Molding, Linen Closet

Saturday, January 7

Today I had the chance to do somethings that I've been wanting to do for awhile. I had the chance to nail in place some bamboo shoe molding, by the exterior doors. It was such a small detail, that it's hardly noticeable that it was done, but yet it makes the door areas look finished.

I also nailed down a bamboo reducer, by the sliding glass door. When our trim molding was installed, I forgot to tell our trimmer, Jim, that I had a piece of bamboo to go there, instead of regular pine. I didn't say anything to him, cause I new it wouldn't be a big deal for me to replace it.

Another thing that made me feel good today was finally being able to set up the linen closet. We had towels and piles on the floor that I couldn't wait to put away. Unfortunately, again, this was a closet that the 16" shelving didn't fit into that Barden had ordered for us. So, I had gone out to Home Depot and purchased some 12" shelving.

I decided to purchase some re-positional brackets as well. Given that we don't have much linen yet, or how we want the closet set up, I figured after we get a good idea of how we want the closet set up, we could always make them permanent later on.

Here's the cool thing about this closet...... I decided to use the angled floor, due to being above stairs, to my advantage. I nailed down a small strip of bamboo on the angled floor and voila ... instant shoe rack :)

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