Thursday, January 05, 2006


Thursday, January 5

The last item that we were waiting for to think of ourselves as "officially moved in" was my bedroom set. I purchased it a couple of years ago, at Ikea. The bed is a birch pedestal bed, with attachable night stands. This was the reason I had originally asked Mike for there not to be any vents in that area.

In order to get it from my parents house to our house, it needed to be completely disassembled and reassembled. My Brother brought his van and he and my parents helped us move my bedroom set. After everything was over there, we had taken a quick break with my family and had some pizza, then after everyone left, we got back to work.

JCPenny was having their annual white sale and I would up getting these fun flannel sheets with fishes on them. I thought the colors were perfect for the room, as well as being something fun to look at, while being so gloomy outside lately.

While I stepped out, for a quick bit, Tim decided to surprise me and make up the bed. The room looked so awesome and colorful. After the bed was together, we placed were we wanted the dressers to go. It was so awesome to look at everything all in a row. At my parents they had been all spaced out, due to space. I never realized how sleek they look, until they finally were put next to each other. I like it.... I like it a lot :)

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