Saturday, January 28, 2006

Post trim & nosing plugs

Saturday, January 28

Today's project involved cutting and nailing trim for around the landing posts and plugging the screw holes on the stair nosing.

We decided that the landing posts needed some base trim to finish the look, so I spent the morning measuring and cutting leftover trim for them. When I was done cutting them up, I nailed them in place. Now the posts have a nice finished base to them.

A while back I had purchased plug cutters, which are basically sharp ended tubes used in a drill press that cut short dowels for plugging screw and nail holes. I used my Dad's drill press and cut a bunch of plugs in a scrap piece of bamboo for the screw holes in the nosing of the landing. Although the bamboo tended to scorch, if I had drilled too long, without using wax on the bit... found that out the hard way, but I quickly learned that wax is a wonderful thing.... it's a plug cutters best friend :)

I wanted to use bamboo for the plugs so that it matched, although I have seen some flooring with plugs of different material to give a design element to it, but I didn't want them to stand out too much, so I just used the plugs grain opposite. It's subtle, but nice, when you notice it.

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