Monday, January 02, 2006

garage cleaning, decor

Monday, January 2

Since I had off from work today, I decided to get some serious stuff done, but first on the agenda was to hang our first clock. It's an atomic clock, that Tim had gotten from my parents, for xmas. It matches our kitchen awesome, with black and stainless steel trim.

Next.... breakfast.... well actually lunch, but I was too lazy too make something, so I ate cereal. And I ate it in no ordinary bowl... this was a footy bowl. Everyone teases me about it, but I don't care... it's fun and funky.

Next up.... real work.... cleaning the garage. I heard it might snow, and since we're staying here now (on a blowup mattress until we have time to move my bed) I wanted to get my car in the garage. So I blitzed the garage, which was filled to the max with cardboard, planks, wood trim, tools.... you name it, it was there. And I didn't even have to worry about doing it in the cold, since my awesome Brother is letting me borrow his portable heater.

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