Sunday, January 07, 2007

xmas tree & decorating

Sunday, January 7

We had a lot of fun trimming the tree this year. First off... we're actually living here. Last year for xmas we hadn't officially moved in yet and were on a blow-up mattress. So it was nice to trim the tree and come downstairs xmas morning and see the tree.

This year I had gotten new lights. Last year we used clear lights, but I wanted to go color this year. I bought them from Target. Target has such an awesome selection of lights... all different colors and combinations. I bought some that had just magenta, red, blue & aqua colors. We decided to color coordinate the lights and ornaments and just use those colors this year.

Another special moment was when I hung up for the first time in our home the little drummer boy ornament that my Mom gave to me. She made it when I was a little girl and ever since then I hang it up, with the Drummer Boy song playing in the background. I'm very attached to that little guy :)