Monday, August 28, 2006

Front Yard - Circle (redo)

Monday, August 28

After driving around the marked off circle area, my Dad suggested to move it more toward the driveway and doing such would give at least another foot to it. It's a pretty tight area, due to being between the house and tree, so we decided to take my Dad's suggestion and move it.

After I had left for work, Tim had gone and gotten some more inverted spray paint and painted new lines in red. He was able to move the markers 4 feet more towards the driveway and added an additional 2 feet to the diameter.

When I got home and drove around it, it felt a lot better. It was a much smoother turn, being closer to the driveway and having 2 extra feet.

This time on the roof, Tim climbed up there with me. He wanted to spray some wasp nests he had seen recently. We use the foaming kind, cause you can see where the spray hits. And I made sure it was vinyl siding safe, cause I've been told some kinds can stain and discolor siding, if it doesn't say safe for vinyl siding.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Front Yard - Circle

Sunday, August 27

This afternoon I had taken another stroll on the rooftop to photograph the lines we drew for the circle. I was able to climb up on the roof this time cause I now have my very own flexible ladder. I've been borrowing my Dad's during construction.

I'd love to get a Little Giant ladder, but they're too pricey for me at the moment. This one resembles my Dad's, in that it is a flexible ladder system, like the Little Giant, but it works by a ratchet system, instead of a pin system to keep the ladder in positions.

Anyways.... I had taken some shots of the circle lines that Tim and I had marked off last Thursday.

I also had taken a pic of the pine tree, with a larger excavated area in order to fit a drain pipe around the area. Tim and I had dug that out on the 20th, then I staked it better.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Front Yard - plowed weeds, re-staked circle

Thursday, August 24

Today I got a nice surprise, when I got home. Jerry came by with his Bobcat and plowed an area in the front yard, so that we could re-stake and mark off the circle. He told Tim that, weather permitting, he'd be back in the next couple of days and dig out the circle and fill it with gravel.

Originally we were suppose to have land fill brought in last week for the front yard, but the land fill guy was a no show. Jerry said that he'll be finding a different land fill guy, but he can still do the gravel, then just fill in the dirt around it later.

Since we now have a cleared area, our job was to mark where we wanted the circle. We had done it once before, but the weeds over grew the landscape paint. So, we measured it out, staked it and Tim painted new lines.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Front Yard - Rooftop pics

Thursday, August 17

Before leaving for work, I squeezed in time for some rooftop pics. Yep... climbed up on the roof, just for pictures. I just can't help myself.

I just wanted some shots that gave a great angle of things b4 all the landscaping started taking shape. Currently, the front yard is basically weeds and mud at the moment, but in the next come of weeks, that will all change. Off the driveway, we'll have a circle put in, so that visitors aren't playing leapfrog. In the circle, I'm going to plant a Magnolia tree in my Aunt Frances and Aunt Cynthia's names.

Tim was waiting patiently for his goofball wife to come down off the roof :)

Next to the driveway will have landfill brought in to build up the area between the driveway and the property line. Currently there's a 2 foot drop off by the garage that we'd like to get rid of. This area was the area that we moved the logs from.

The other area I wanted to take a pic of was the Pine tree. I wanted a decent angled shot, so that I could do a more detailed sketch of the sitting area.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Front Yard - schedule

Tuesday, August 15

I just found out from Tim that he had talked to Jerry about a tentative schedule for the front yard. This is good cause I had received a call from town hall, this afternoon, asking them to give them a call when completed, so we can get permanent occupancy.

Jerry said that we'll have land fill dropped off either Thursday or Friday. Then he'll come by with his dozer and smooth it out. If that gets done, then next week he'll be by layout the gravel circular driveway. We'll have to re-stake the circle, after the fill is smoothed out, which isn't a big deal. It's simple, just a center point, tie a line and paint marking paint at the end of it.... it's like using a giant compass.

*Sigh*.... I can't wait 'til the mud and weeds are gone.... we'll actually have curb appeal :)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Pine Tree - sitting area excavation

Saturday, August 12

Today Tim and I had a fun filled day of dirt. This morning I decided that today was the day to excavate the land around our pine tree for the retaining wall and sitting area. I'm very excited about this project.

I'm sure we could've just as well had Jerry clear the area, but there's just something about doing it yourself that makes it special and gives a true sense of pride. Besides... they always make great stories.

Anyways.... the pine already had a temporary retaining wrap around it, that Tim and I installed back in October, that was about 10 or so feet in diameter. We disassembled it and after much discussion of size and placement, staked out the new area with twine. We decided that the sitting area will be a 12'x12' area. Then.... the hard part....... digging.

We dug for hours. It didn't feel like we were getting anywhere til about noon or so, when the corners started to take shape. My favorite tool to use was the pick-axe. My Dad once told me that was one my grandfather's favorite tools. I guess it runs in the genes.

Just as we were slowing down to take a break, we had some visitors... friends of the family, Mike and Marilyn. Marilyn has seen the house, but this was Mike's first time. Actually... they're kitchen was the one that had inspired the pots and pans drawers in ours.... so I was really excited to show them the kitchen.

After a visit and quick tour, we got back to work. Finally by about 5pm or so, we were done digging. I quickly raked the ground to level the dirt a bit.... and just for fun, I rolled some big stumps into the pit and propped them up as seating. Tim and I took a breather and hung out for a bit relaxing. It reminded me of when the superior walls had been assembled, last year in April, and we sat on the wall afterward.

After a breather, I had done something less involved and finally hung up my butterfly plant holders and my wind twirlers, that I've been meaning to do for a month. I got the plant holders from Big Lots and the wind twirlers from I love these twirly things. I don't know what it is about them... but I had to get them... I love watching them twirl. I hung an orange one off the kitchen window, so I can see it everyday. And I hung a green one by the front door.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Front Yard - Quote from Jerry

Tuesday, August 8

Tim talked to Jerry today and was given the quote for finishing off the front yard. It also includes the circular driveway, landfill next to the driveway, building up the driveway a bit, a gravel path around the other side of the house, and landfill in the back of the house.

It's a little more than we were expecting, but if we get it all done now, we'll save about 600 or so dollars, cause the trucks and equipment will all be here, opposed to getting everything back later on. So, I think we're going to tough it out and do it. Jerry said that if we call him back by tomorrow, he'll be able to get into his schedule and start by the end of next week.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tree - prepairing for retaining wall

Sunday, August 6

Today I woke up and felt the need to weed around the pine tree. It's so over grown and I'd like to build the retaining wall soon. So... I wanted to get rid of all the weeds. It was quite the chore too... it had taken me and hr just to rip out the darn things out. Then I decided to level the ground a bit and give it a slope to the north, for run off.

When I was done, I put stones around the base that I had been collecting through the building process that I found around the property. Not that I'm going to keep them there, but it's just somewhere to put them for now.

Eventually I want to make this area into a cool sitting area, with a retaining wall, pea gravel and a patio area next to it with large square paving stones. I sketched out an idea the other day for it.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Logs - split last of cut logs

Saturday, August 5

Prior to the heavy work today, In the morning I installed another bath towel rod in the upper bathroom. I wanted to install it a while ago, but haven't had the chance. We had been using a 24" rod between the two of us, but I wanted to give Tim a space for a wash cloth, since I had taken the space by the sink. So I installed an 18" rod for my towel and he can now have the 24" one all to himself.

In the Evening we split the last of the logs that my Dad cut up for us and got them out of the way of the driveway. This time... Tim and kept our digits far away from the splitting wedge. We learned from Tim's lovely injury yesterday. So today the rolls were reversed as he operated the splitter, while I loaded the logs...... just call me She-Ra :)

Anyways.... all the logs that were by the side of the driveway are now out of the way, so that we can get some landfill in there and build up that area a big more for more driveway. We still have a large pile we still need to cut up and split, but it's out of the way for now.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Logs - Tim got ouchy

Friday, August 4

Well... Today I injured my husband for the first time. Not badly..... but it could've been lots worse.

We were splitting more logs today. I was operating the splitting, while Tim was loading the logs. A log started to popup while splitting, Tim pushed it down and the next thing I heard was him saying "STOP-STOP". His glove looked like it got pinched and pulled between the log and splitting wedge.

I was afraid to look down, with the thought of a digit missing, but it wasn't as bad as we thought. He got whammer of a gouge out of his palm, but all digits remain intact. We cleaned up his wound, then I made him ice it, while I cleaned up the tools.

The rest of the night we had taken off from real-life adventures to watch Sci-fi Friday with my Dad.