Thursday, August 24, 2006

Front Yard - plowed weeds, re-staked circle

Thursday, August 24

Today I got a nice surprise, when I got home. Jerry came by with his Bobcat and plowed an area in the front yard, so that we could re-stake and mark off the circle. He told Tim that, weather permitting, he'd be back in the next couple of days and dig out the circle and fill it with gravel.

Originally we were suppose to have land fill brought in last week for the front yard, but the land fill guy was a no show. Jerry said that he'll be finding a different land fill guy, but he can still do the gravel, then just fill in the dirt around it later.

Since we now have a cleared area, our job was to mark where we wanted the circle. We had done it once before, but the weeds over grew the landscape paint. So, we measured it out, staked it and Tim painted new lines.

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