Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tree - prepairing for retaining wall

Sunday, August 6

Today I woke up and felt the need to weed around the pine tree. It's so over grown and I'd like to build the retaining wall soon. So... I wanted to get rid of all the weeds. It was quite the chore too... it had taken me and hr just to rip out the darn things out. Then I decided to level the ground a bit and give it a slope to the north, for run off.

When I was done, I put stones around the base that I had been collecting through the building process that I found around the property. Not that I'm going to keep them there, but it's just somewhere to put them for now.

Eventually I want to make this area into a cool sitting area, with a retaining wall, pea gravel and a patio area next to it with large square paving stones. I sketched out an idea the other day for it.

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