Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Front Yard - schedule

Tuesday, August 15

I just found out from Tim that he had talked to Jerry about a tentative schedule for the front yard. This is good cause I had received a call from town hall, this afternoon, asking them to give them a call when completed, so we can get permanent occupancy.

Jerry said that we'll have land fill dropped off either Thursday or Friday. Then he'll come by with his dozer and smooth it out. If that gets done, then next week he'll be by layout the gravel circular driveway. We'll have to re-stake the circle, after the fill is smoothed out, which isn't a big deal. It's simple, just a center point, tie a line and paint marking paint at the end of it.... it's like using a giant compass.

*Sigh*.... I can't wait 'til the mud and weeds are gone.... we'll actually have curb appeal :)

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