Thursday, December 29, 2005

Garage opener, finishing bathrooms

Thursday, December 29

My Dad and my Brother rock! They actually installed our garage door opener while I was at work. With my busy season and trying to get everything else done, there's just not enough time in the day lately. We just haven't had the time to hook it up and they were good enough to do it for us.

My Brother brought over his propane heater and they worked during the day to install it. It's all mounted, but they'll be working again tomorrow to wire it up.

I payed a little extra and purchased a Craftsman, belt driven, opener. My co-worker, Paul, highly recommended it and I've also read great reviews on them for being very quiet.

With my schedule finally clear, from my day job and not having to work late, I finally had a chance to go xmas shopping. While I was out, I stopped by Linen-n-Things to shop for bath rugs. While I was there, I finally found the towel rods that appealed to me. They're by a company named Umbra, which I can proudly say is local.

They're great... lots of cool contemporary designs.... and I fell in love with these rods I found that Linen-n-Things carried and thought it was a decent match to the bathroom hardware and their shapes. I was very excited to finally see something I liked. That was the first thing I did, when I got home, was putting the tissue and towel bars in the upper bathroom.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Front closet & bed3 closet issues

Wednesday, December 28

The front closet was unfortunately not deep enough for the regular white wire shelving. So, instead I had done it the old fashioned way with a wooden shelf and rod. I used some left-over trim wood and created a lip and then cut and placed a board over it.

It wasn't a big deal to do, but I just wish that when Barden measured for the trim that was taken into account and we didn't pay for stuff we can't use in there.... eps since on the plans it states that it's not a deep closet.

Also.... here's what really steamed Tim and I. The lower bed room closet is sooooo not the right size. It is 2 inches less deep, due to the vent tubes, behind the wall. That's not the problem. We found out that closets are traditionally 24 inches deep. This one is only 19" deep (from the Superior Wall) and 17" above it (where the vents are). They freakn' measured it wrong. I double checked the plans, it was suppose to be 24" deep.

I figured out why too..... they measured from the wrong wall. They measured from the 4 foot (half) Superior Wall, instead of from above it. This resulted in the room being 2" wider, but our closet smaller.... and with the vents behind the wall, in the closet, that leaves only 17" to play with. Where am I going with this? Most hangers are 17" wide, which means we either find some dinky hangers, or we have to find another way to see up the closet.

See... even with the vents, behind the wall, it still would've worked out, but cause they measured it wrong, now it doesn't. Um... yeah..... great observant foreman we had, huh? Plus..... they ordered us freakn shelving that doesn't even fit in there!

Anyways.... that's to be continued.... when we figure out what do it about the shelving.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Closet shelves, Hung Painting

Tuesday, December 27

I had taken today off, so that I could get some work done..... and it was a packed full day. It started with my Dad and I finishing installing the closet shelving in the master bedroom.

After we were done with that, we started on the front closet. I really wanted to finish that, cause my bestfriend, Valerie, was coming to visit and figured it would be cool to hang her coat up in it, but we ran out of time. We decided we'd just do it later.

I was so psyched about her visiting! Not only to see her, but cause she hasn't seen the house since my bridal shower and I couldn't wait to show her everything. It's fun watching people's reactions, that have only seen the house, from pictures. It must be so weird to see it in 3D.

After our visit, my Dad came back to help finish off the front closet. Here's what we discovered though...... the closet is not the typical 24" deep. The darn white shelving doesn't fit well.... esp since the hangers hang off of it. Plus the wall is ridiculously crooked and the clips don't have any good spots to hold it in place, due to the huge gaps created, by the crooked drywall.

The two easiest options we came up with is to either hang the shelf and hang a pole separate, in a spot that a hanger won't hit the door.... or just put in a normal wooden shelf, which would eliminate the issue of dealing with the crooked wall. In the end, we decided that it would be the last amount of trouble to install a wooden shelf, with a separate pole for hangers, which I'll pick up tomorrow.

After my Dad left, we had done one final thing, before leaving. We hung the painting that Tim had bought for me as a xmas gift last year. I was so excited.... I've been waiting soooo long to hang it up. The colors match perfectly the color scheme of the great room. We hung it underneath the dinning room sim-skylight and above my Aunties table, that I inherited recently.

We hung it with these interesting hangers, that my Dad had me try. It's just a curved wire that gets poked into the wall. It looks flimsy, but it actually works.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Xmas eve & fireplace

Monday, December 26

Hands down, the coolest addition to my xmas tradition was sitting in front of that fireplace. Tim and I had a fire on xmas eve, while we opened a present each. I had never done that before and it was very special to me.

Then on xmas morning, I made my way down the hallway and downstairs following a trail of Snickers bars, which led to the xmas tree.... *giggle*. The, for the first time, we enjoyed xmas morning, in our house, in front of our tree, by our fireplace, in our pjs :)

Later on in the day today, my Dad helped Tim and I started on the task of installing our closet shelving. First we had to decipher what everything was, since it came from barden, with no list of what no list of what goes where. We received the standard white wire shelving. First we needed to measure and cut the wire. That was all we had time for today, since we had a late start.... so we'll be picking it up again tomorrow.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Dishes, Decorating & Faucets

Friday, December 23

After doing some last minute xmas shopping yesterday, I met up with my friend Jack at the Corelle store. He and his sister were so kind to chip in, for xmas and, buy for us our everyday dishes. I love Corelle dinnerware. It's inexpensive, indestructible and lasts forever.

I wound up choosing the sandstone color..... not really big on patterns much. And these will match our colors in our good dishes. So.... we now have everyday plates to eat on. This is a plus. Other than our good dishes, we only had a couple of plates I bought at the dollar store :)

We had time to decorate the tree and the house yesterday and today. It was lots of fun. We don't have a huge amount of ornaments, but we made out little tree and house look festive, none the less.

Also today... we had our tub faucets installed. It was nice to see them... as well as see them working. Our tub spout has a different switch for the shower. Unlike most faucets, there's a lever to pull down, at the end of the spout, instead of on the top. I kinda remember being shown that at the showroom, but it's been so long, I had forgotten.... *shrugs*. Anyways..... it was just nice to see the faucets.

I even bought some Ikea decor stuff for the bathroom. I bought some funky squiggle vases that I had put on the windowsill and a blue-colored sphere that I thought would look cool sitting in the cutout.

Now that we have the faucets, the upper shower is almost ready to be used. We just need to seal the grout. I bought some of that spray and stand grout sealer. The stuff is freak'n toxic man. I'll be putting 2 coats on, then it's good to go for use :)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Xmas tree is up!

Thursday, December 22

Last night we set up the xmas tree :)

First we cleaned a bit.... then we carried it inside and put it up. We originally had it by the stairs, which is were we always envisioned it to stand, but things are turn out different than what was envisioned. As it turned out, it felt like it obstructed the walking path too much, so we wound up moving it to the garage wall. There aren't any vents their and it will still be a good distance away from the fireplace. And..... it's nice, cause it's the first thing guests will see, when walking into the house. Plus.... on xmas morning we'll have that cool ambiance, by the fireplace going on :)

I also hung up some snowflake ordements and bows. It's fun, but at the same time tough, cause there's no set place for anything and I was just walking around going..... hmmmm.... how 'bout here.... hmmm.... how 'bout there..... nope.... how 'bout there :)

Tonight we'll be decorating the tree. I can't wait to hang ornaments. We got a bunch of fun colored ones at Ikea, when we had gotten the couch. Some of the fun colored ones are fuzzy :) Tim was teasing me that look like clown noses..... *shrugs*.... eh... I like 'em anyways :).

It's suppose to warm up, in the next couple of days, so hopefully we can get some lights on the big-bonsi "Helen Keller" tree, before xmas :)

If all works out.... we'll be able to move bed into the house by Friday. We were suppose to move on the same day, we had trucked in the couch, but they said that the silicon on the tiles needs no less than 72 hrs to set. They put silicone around the upper bathroom tiles on Wed the 20th, so if all goes well we'll be able to wake up in the house on xmas morning :) That's our newest goal....... we missed moving in by our wedding date, Halloween and Thanksgiving...... but it looks like xmas is one :)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Tim's dresser

Monday, December 19

A while back, actually, a couple of years back, when Tim and I decided to get engaged, I purchased an extra dresser, to match my set, so that whenever we moved in together, we'd have a complete set. Tonight, we finally put that dresser together. Even though there's just this one in there now, it's nice to have at least one piece of furniture in the bedroom now. It's good chi :) Feng Shui states that no room should be empty, even if a leaf is place in the middle of the room, it's better chi than it would be to be empty.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Couch - Ikea trip

Saturday, December 17

Yippeeee..... we have furniture!!!

It was a fun-filled day of many adventures. It started out with Tim picking up the U-hal..... or the U-hal from hell, rather. This thing was definitely on it's last leg. It had issues starting, stopping, as well as the side-windows whistling and a very finicky radio. It was.... um... interesting riding in it for over an hour on our trip to Ikea.

The closest Ikea to us is actually in Canada. So Tim, our friend Laura and I road up in the U-hal, while my parents drove in their car. I love Ikea.... that place rocks..... esp the cafeteria and their Swedish food :) yummmm!

I love this time of year there, they always have such awesome holiday decorations, which was the 2nd reason why we had gone.... so we could load up on decorations for the house, as well.

The only real issues we had on this trip, besides our finicky U-hal, was that the store was having issues with the authorization of Tim's American credit card. You know, above a certain amount, the bank has to authorize it, but the US code was not working well with their system. The cashier was really awesome about it though. Other than that, the boarder was fine and it was duty free, so we didn't have to pay to bring it over the border, which we had been hoping for.

When we got back, Tim made baked ziti, for dinner..... yum :) While that was baking, Tim, Laura and I started assembling the couch. Unfortunately, the color slip-cover we wanted wasn't in-stock, so we'll have to pick it up next week. Until then, we just have some blankets over it. Our swivel chair did have our color though, so at least we have that all together.

At the beginning of the day, the family room was just an empty room, and now.... it actually looks like a family room. It's awesome! And there's room for us all to hang and watch TV...... which is what we wound up doing after we ate. It was so nice to be able to "hang-out" in the family room and relax on some actual furniture :)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Tiles - Grout

Friday, December 16

Having the tiles with grout makes them take on almost a completely different look. Traditionally grout use to be white, but they come in many different colors theses days. We wanted the tiles to be more noticeable than stark white grout, so we decided to go with a silvery color, this way the grout would blend in a bit and the tiles and their colors would stand out.

The upper bathroom bluish tiles look so much better, now with the grout. I definitely flip-flopped with which tiles I liked better. The lower bathroom is lots more lighter and happier feeling, so I started to like that more, but the grout really sets off the blue tiles. I can't decided which tiles I like more.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tiles - Upper Bath Started

Wednesday, December 14

The upper bath tiles were started today. They were able to get up to where the glass tile boarder will go. I love the blue toned tiles! It's a bit more on the lavender side, with our bathroom lighting, that in the showroom. I love it though.

Here's the best part..... it matches the tones in the shower curtain more than we had expected.... and we didn't even have it with us when choosing the tiles. We new it would be in the same range, but not as close as it turned out to be.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tiles & Glass Tiles - Lower Bath

Tuesday, December 13

The tiles are coming out so very cool! I love them! I love the diagonal design, I love the traditional straight design.... and I especially love the glass tiles! They give so much dimension to the walls, due to their depth and interior shadows. They give such a fun addition to the design of the bathroom. I also really like the neutrals, with the blue glass, I think the colors compliment each other well..... esp with the different toned tiles.... they really give it lots of life.

Jim even was able to add the glass tiles in the square area, that I had asked for. It looks great and adds just that little extra playfulness to the design.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Tiles - Lower Bath Started

Monday, December 12

Jim and his assistant, Paul started on the tiles in the lower bathroom today. They were nice enough to even protect the floors, stairs before they started.

I love the tiles so far. There's just a small section of them up so far, but I love 'em! I'm so excited about the different shades, but even more excited and can't wait til they get to the glass boarder tiles.

I feel badly though, for them having to deal with the lower part of the area, which is diagonal, esp after I had seen the intricate tile cuts they had to make, by the edge of the tub. When I noticed that part, I started laughing, out of amazement.... and just thought to myself.... "oh man, they must have been bitchn' me out for that one" :)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Snow Blowing, finished kitchen handles

Sunday, December 11

Today I had the chance to use my Brother's family's wedding gift :) I snow blowed for the first time.... not just at the house, but ever. It was fun. I'm not good..... and snow blowed some seriously crocked lines but it was fun :) I just did a little bit though, cause I didn't want to have a relapse of my back ache, that I've had, for the last week. I'm sure I'll be paying for it.... but I was so excited to try out the snow blower, I couldn't help myself.

Later on in the day, I also finished installing the rest of the kitchen cabinet handles. I started with the lower cabinets, then I finished with the corner cabinets. For some reason, the corner cabinets were the ones I always grabbed the wrong side to open them, prior to handles. I think my mind just wants to open them to the left, but if someone was walking in, from the sliding glass door, they'd be in the way.

Anyways.... all the handles are officially installed now :)