Friday, December 02, 2005

Over budget?

Friday, December 2

Well.... ain't this a kick in the pants. Here, we thought everything was running well and everything was in-line for the closing.

Today we found out the lovely little surprise, from the bank we're getting the mortgage from. Apparently we still owe Barden for the Barden package, mostly due to kitchen items. And why are we just finding out this now, you ask? Because the nice people over at Sales Associates of WNY never told us about the bill. How absolutely sweet of them.

Oh... it gets better. When Tim called Mike to find out why we never got a bill or were told about this, Mike stated that it's our own fault for stopping contact with them and..... hung up on Tim I don't care if we get along or not.... that was wayyyy unprofessional of him. Um... and also can we say blame-shift? I mean... nice try Mike..... but we never broke contact and this was back in June, prior to any conflicts we had.

Basically... from what we found out, we had gone over-budget on the kitchen, which we knew about, but we were never sent the bill. Other times we had gone over budget with something, Mike always just had taken it out of other draws, from the work we were doing ourselves, like the flooring and painting. Or... if it was something I asked for, like the sim-skylights, I usually just payed for out of pocket. I had no problem doing that, if it legit. But this time, we were never given a bill...... nor any late bills for that matter.

So.... here's a list of facts, to keep everything straight.....


A. First of all.... we never broke contact with Mike nor Sales Associates of WNY (and we have phone records to prove it). The only thing we did do was state that nor Joe or Sean were allowed onsite anymore, that we'd be hiring our own sub-contractors (which the contract states we can do) and bills relating to the sub-contractors we hired, we would take care of. At no time did we break contact.

B. This was a bill, back from June 23rd, "before" we had any conflicts with Sales Associates of WNY.

C. According to the Barden main office, it is our independent Dealer that who is suppose to contact us about any bill notifications and send us any late bills.

D. According to the Barden main office, Mike was also suppose explain that there is a limit to the kitchen, which we were never told about.

E. We also found out, from the Barden office, that Mike was not suppose to take overdraws from other draws, which gave us a completely incorrect impression of how the budget worked.

In any case..... unfortunately we are now on a huge time constraint to come up with the money by the closing, which is scheduled for next week, Dec 7th @ 11 am.

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