Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Closing costs, Cabinet & frosted glass

Tuesday, December 6

We found out at least semi-good news today. We don't have to bring as much to the table, for closing costs, as originally estimated.

The reason for this is because of the whole split-level & bank thing again. To recap, the bank doesn't see our lower-level as living space and did no give us a loan for the full value of what it cost to build. To make up for it, we had done things ourselves, like painting and flooring, to make up the difference. In addition to that, I've been paying, out-of-pocket, interest payments every month, to help even more to make up the difference.

Those monthly payments have now payed off. They have been put towards the closing costs, which we are thankful for. We still have to pay the rest of the Barden package, (that we just found out about last Friday), which hasn't changed in amount, unfortunately. But at least we had semi-good news about this whole last-minute mess.

In the middle of all the craziness, we still managed to at least do something that made us smile. We finally got the chance to install the frosted glass cabinet door, in the kitchen. It was a learning curve. FYI: frosted glass is better installed frosted-side out :) But it all worked out and we love how the frosted glass kinda matches with the stainless steel accents.

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