Friday, December 09, 2005

Audit, Snow blower

Friday, December 9

Today we met up with the auditor to finally have the workers comp audited. This whole thing was yet another Sales Associates of WNY failed communication issue.

Back story......
At the start of construction, Mike told me to hold on to all the check stubs, from the sub-contractors payments. When I inquired about it, all he said was that they will be needed at the end, for an audit. I was like... ok... and I kept those stubs organized nicely.

Well.... come to find out, the auditor audits the workers comp of the sub-contractors and has the meeting with us, not the builder. Another thing Mike failed to mention was that it's not just about the check stubs..... we need "all" the sub-contractors paperwork showing they have workers comp and liability. Not knowing that, we were charged the full amount, close to $4,000. It's nice that Mike mentioned the stubs, but that didn't really do squat.

After finding this out (on our own, I might add), Tim questioned Mike about it. He replied by saying that we just needed to ask for the paperwork and he would've given it to us. Um... kay.... how are we suppose to ask for it, if we don't know we're suppose to? I think I'll use my favorite quote, from my friend Valerie, and say "I'm sorry.... I flunked my mind reading class".

So anyways.... to fix the situation, we had to get re-audited, meet with Stanley, the auditor, and give him all the paperwork. So... that was today. He was a very nice, sociable.... and even had taken his shoes off, in our house :)

He stated that all the paperwork was in order and that he'd take care of the other bill, as well as make sure that any confusion was taken care of in the area of paperwork.

While Stanley was there, with Tim and I, my brother and Dad also stopped over. My brother, who was excited that it had snowed, decided to assemble what was needed, for the snow blower, that he and his family gave us for a wedding gift.

They must have been testing it,, cause at one point, I heard it running. A short while after that, they were ready to leave, but before they left my brother gave me a lesson on how to work it. I was excited and wanted to try it out, but Stanley was still there and after he left I needed to head straight to work. Though... it's not like I won't have the opportunity to use 'em. hmm.... I think I'll call 'em "big red" :)

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