Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Closet shelves, Hung Painting

Tuesday, December 27

I had taken today off, so that I could get some work done..... and it was a packed full day. It started with my Dad and I finishing installing the closet shelving in the master bedroom.

After we were done with that, we started on the front closet. I really wanted to finish that, cause my bestfriend, Valerie, was coming to visit and figured it would be cool to hang her coat up in it, but we ran out of time. We decided we'd just do it later.

I was so psyched about her visiting! Not only to see her, but cause she hasn't seen the house since my bridal shower and I couldn't wait to show her everything. It's fun watching people's reactions, that have only seen the house, from pictures. It must be so weird to see it in 3D.

After our visit, my Dad came back to help finish off the front closet. Here's what we discovered though...... the closet is not the typical 24" deep. The darn white shelving doesn't fit well.... esp since the hangers hang off of it. Plus the wall is ridiculously crooked and the clips don't have any good spots to hold it in place, due to the huge gaps created, by the crooked drywall.

The two easiest options we came up with is to either hang the shelf and hang a pole separate, in a spot that a hanger won't hit the door.... or just put in a normal wooden shelf, which would eliminate the issue of dealing with the crooked wall. In the end, we decided that it would be the last amount of trouble to install a wooden shelf, with a separate pole for hangers, which I'll pick up tomorrow.

After my Dad left, we had done one final thing, before leaving. We hung the painting that Tim had bought for me as a xmas gift last year. I was so excited.... I've been waiting soooo long to hang it up. The colors match perfectly the color scheme of the great room. We hung it underneath the dinning room sim-skylight and above my Aunties table, that I inherited recently.

We hung it with these interesting hangers, that my Dad had me try. It's just a curved wire that gets poked into the wall. It looks flimsy, but it actually works.

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