Sunday, December 18, 2005

Couch - Ikea trip

Saturday, December 17

Yippeeee..... we have furniture!!!

It was a fun-filled day of many adventures. It started out with Tim picking up the U-hal..... or the U-hal from hell, rather. This thing was definitely on it's last leg. It had issues starting, stopping, as well as the side-windows whistling and a very finicky radio. It was.... um... interesting riding in it for over an hour on our trip to Ikea.

The closest Ikea to us is actually in Canada. So Tim, our friend Laura and I road up in the U-hal, while my parents drove in their car. I love Ikea.... that place rocks..... esp the cafeteria and their Swedish food :) yummmm!

I love this time of year there, they always have such awesome holiday decorations, which was the 2nd reason why we had gone.... so we could load up on decorations for the house, as well.

The only real issues we had on this trip, besides our finicky U-hal, was that the store was having issues with the authorization of Tim's American credit card. You know, above a certain amount, the bank has to authorize it, but the US code was not working well with their system. The cashier was really awesome about it though. Other than that, the boarder was fine and it was duty free, so we didn't have to pay to bring it over the border, which we had been hoping for.

When we got back, Tim made baked ziti, for dinner..... yum :) While that was baking, Tim, Laura and I started assembling the couch. Unfortunately, the color slip-cover we wanted wasn't in-stock, so we'll have to pick it up next week. Until then, we just have some blankets over it. Our swivel chair did have our color though, so at least we have that all together.

At the beginning of the day, the family room was just an empty room, and now.... it actually looks like a family room. It's awesome! And there's room for us all to hang and watch TV...... which is what we wound up doing after we ate. It was so nice to be able to "hang-out" in the family room and relax on some actual furniture :)

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