Friday, December 23, 2005

Dishes, Decorating & Faucets

Friday, December 23

After doing some last minute xmas shopping yesterday, I met up with my friend Jack at the Corelle store. He and his sister were so kind to chip in, for xmas and, buy for us our everyday dishes. I love Corelle dinnerware. It's inexpensive, indestructible and lasts forever.

I wound up choosing the sandstone color..... not really big on patterns much. And these will match our colors in our good dishes. So.... we now have everyday plates to eat on. This is a plus. Other than our good dishes, we only had a couple of plates I bought at the dollar store :)

We had time to decorate the tree and the house yesterday and today. It was lots of fun. We don't have a huge amount of ornaments, but we made out little tree and house look festive, none the less.

Also today... we had our tub faucets installed. It was nice to see them... as well as see them working. Our tub spout has a different switch for the shower. Unlike most faucets, there's a lever to pull down, at the end of the spout, instead of on the top. I kinda remember being shown that at the showroom, but it's been so long, I had forgotten.... *shrugs*. Anyways..... it was just nice to see the faucets.

I even bought some Ikea decor stuff for the bathroom. I bought some funky squiggle vases that I had put on the windowsill and a blue-colored sphere that I thought would look cool sitting in the cutout.

Now that we have the faucets, the upper shower is almost ready to be used. We just need to seal the grout. I bought some of that spray and stand grout sealer. The stuff is freak'n toxic man. I'll be putting 2 coats on, then it's good to go for use :)

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