Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Closing Day

Wednesday, December 7

Finally.... it's been a long time coming, but it finally happened. We met up with my Godfather, Jim, who's our lawyer, and Gail, one of of bank lawyers, at a county clerks office this morning at 11 am.

Just in time for closing, we had all the paperwork and what we owed Barden straitened out. Among the paperwork were the checks for the rest of the Barden costs, the closing costs and the temp CO.

It was very exciting, yet scary at the same time. I wasn't scared about the closing or anything to do with the mortgage, I was more scared that they'd spring something else on us. In the last couple of days we've heard horror stories of people going to close, finding out they need something and having to postpone the closing.

I had fears that would happen to us, cause we were out of time and needed everything to work out. It actually did work out. Everything was in order. About the only thing that wasn't was that the my ss# was incorrect and needs to be changed.

Gail was very nice and thorough with explaining everything for how the mortgage and escrow works. She had gone through all the paperwork, one by one, explaining each, as she had gone along. It had taken quite a while and we were there for a couple of hours.

About a million and a half signatures and initialing later.... and signing away our first born, we were pronounced homeowners :)

Later on, when I showed up at the house, after work, Tim met me at the front door, and like on our wedding day, carried me over the threshold. :)

After being carried over the threshold, we hung out at the house, for a bit. I got a chance to install the handles on the upper kitchen cabinets. It was so nice to finally know which darn way the door opens :) It's very "arrrg", when there's no handles on cabinets, with concealed hinges, when you try to open them, from the wrong side :)

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