Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Glass door handles, Cabinet handles

Monday, December 5

Guess what? Finally.... we received the sliding glass door handles. It was shipped to us, from Sales Associates of WNY. These are the infamous handles that were never ordered, my mistake of Mike, who then payed for out of pocket. And.... they were actually the correct finish of the satin nickel.

I opened the box and I started to install them, the second I had seen the box. The first thing I did was take off the blue painters tape, that we had covering up the pre-drilled holes, for stopping the cold air from breezing into the house. I love that blue tape.... so many uses :)

I had to pause installing them, while we had a brief meeting with Jim, our trimmer, about the bathroom tiles. We gave him a diagram I made up, like I typically have done for the subcontractors, of what I wanted. He said that he should have no problems. The only thing we had to do was get a couple more supplies..... like the mastic, that holds the tiles on. He also said that it would be a good idea to get another box of tiles, cause it would be close, and if there are any cracked, it would be close.

Anyways.... after I finished installing the glass door handles, I decided to make this a handle day and finally install some of the cabinet handles, now that I had a chance too. I decided to install the island drawer pulls first.... cause I wanted to put away our utensils and pots, so we can start eating here more often.

Here's my most favorite thing about our pots drawers..... they extend fully out :) No reaching my hand in to try to pry something out. That's one of the reasons I didn't mind paying a little extra for the kitchen budget.

Also.... I got a chance tonight to do one thing, I've always wanted to do all my life....... hang stockings on an actual fireplace :)

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