Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Front closet & bed3 closet issues

Wednesday, December 28

The front closet was unfortunately not deep enough for the regular white wire shelving. So, instead I had done it the old fashioned way with a wooden shelf and rod. I used some left-over trim wood and created a lip and then cut and placed a board over it.

It wasn't a big deal to do, but I just wish that when Barden measured for the trim that was taken into account and we didn't pay for stuff we can't use in there.... eps since on the plans it states that it's not a deep closet.

Also.... here's what really steamed Tim and I. The lower bed room closet is sooooo not the right size. It is 2 inches less deep, due to the vent tubes, behind the wall. That's not the problem. We found out that closets are traditionally 24 inches deep. This one is only 19" deep (from the Superior Wall) and 17" above it (where the vents are). They freakn' measured it wrong. I double checked the plans, it was suppose to be 24" deep.

I figured out why too..... they measured from the wrong wall. They measured from the 4 foot (half) Superior Wall, instead of from above it. This resulted in the room being 2" wider, but our closet smaller.... and with the vents behind the wall, in the closet, that leaves only 17" to play with. Where am I going with this? Most hangers are 17" wide, which means we either find some dinky hangers, or we have to find another way to see up the closet.

See... even with the vents, behind the wall, it still would've worked out, but cause they measured it wrong, now it doesn't. Um... yeah..... great observant foreman we had, huh? Plus..... they ordered us freakn shelving that doesn't even fit in there!

Anyways.... that's to be continued.... when we figure out what do it about the shelving.

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