Friday, April 29, 2005

Windows, Doors and Hearth

Friday, April 29

Also today, the hearth was constructed. While we were at the site on the 28th, the asked me how high and what shaped we wanted it. As it turned out, it's an excellent sitting hight. It's a very comfortable little area and will be awesome for when we have guests over hanging out.

The windows and doors look awesome installed. The best attribute about the door the way that the angles of the cathedral ceiling match the door. In very front, the vaulted ceiling turns into a cathedral ceiling where the fireplace meets the ceiling. When you pan towards the entrance, you see the closet meeting up to the ceiling, then seeing the door with the same angles is just so, ohhhh cool.

Kichen and Bath fixtures

Saturday, April 30

As it turns out, Tim and I have expensive tastes, when it comes to plumbing fixtures. Darn.... and we were doing so well on the rest of the house too.

We both like more the contemporary style, and unfortunately, none of the basic models are really our taste. So, we looked around a bit and both targeted right in on this bathroom faucet, by Delta in the Michael Graves Collection. We liked it specifically for the handles. We looove the handles. They're frosted glass... totally ergonomic to the touch and feel like a sand-polished piece of glass, that you'd find on a beach during summer time. A bit out of our price range, but we decided it was worth it for the master bath.

We chose a more contemporary look for the kitchen faucet as well. It too is in the Michael Graves Collection. It will have a soap dispenser, single handle, goose-neck spout and a pull out sprayer. The best thing about it was the nozzle has dual function swivel head aerator that goes from a sharp stream to a shower stream.

In the guest bath, we did get a slight upgrade for more of a modern look, but it was pretty comparable to the basic model. Everything else was pretty basic stuff... 2 basin sink in the kitchen w/ disposal and bathroom tubs.

We did have an interesting time looking a toilets..... I mean.... not really something that I was excited to look at, but for some reason, we debated more over the toilets than the darn faucets.

Tim was having fun.... he wanted me to sit on one in the showroom and I said... "you do it". So we had gone back and forth with... "you do it... no, you do it... no, you do it" for a bit, til Tim asked if i'd sit on one if he did. So... he did. Darn him! So I did. It was a bit odd to sit on a toilet, with water in it, in front of everyone. And... no, no pictures were taken of that :)

Doors and Windows

Friday, April 29

Our front door and windows were delivered and will be installed today. I looooove our front door. It has two panes of glass that are is angled on the top to match the angles we'll have within the house, like the vaulted ceiling and hearth.

Our windows are what they call "glider" windows, made by Integrity, slide back and forth, instead of up and down. They are the kind that flip inward for easy cleaning.... which is awesome. I'm very excited about them and believe they'll be an cool added design element, as well as being efficient.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

On site, Sim-Skylights and Kitchen Day

Thursday, April 28

I left work early today to meet up with Mike, our forman and Tim at the site. We met there to discuss the upcoming jobs and talk about the tree, rest of the framing, bathroom windows and meet the plumber.

A storm was moving in at the time we were there, wind was coming straight through the glass door and man was it a bitter wind hitting us. Well... at least we know we'll have some nice breezes coming through the deck door.

Here the guys are preparing the garage door opening for the next step..... but, is it me... or do you just want to say "tickle-tickle"?

I signed some paperwork while there and we also chatted about the height of the hearth, the simulated skylights and the charlie brown tree. Also, while we were there, the framers were moving the bathroom windows into the revised locations.

I like the idea of skylights, but don't like the idea of putting a hole through the roof. So, analyzed the reason why I like skylights and realized it's not really seeing the sky, cause you really can't with them, it's the light and shadows that I enjoy. I decided to have them put simulated or pseudo-skylights. Basically... it's just an inset into the drywall with a light in it that will simulate the lighting/shadows of a real skylight.

And just coincidentally, I would up finding these images in a magaizne of exactly the effect I wanted to achieve.

After we left the site, we headed over to the kitchen World to discuss our kitchen design. It was definitely an interesting experience. The funny thing is that we had everything all set in our heads, but never took into consideration the constraints of measurements. If I had to do it all over again, I would've asked, a head of time, for dimensions of the cabinets.

Don't get me wrong, it was loads of fun to design our kitchen, it was just frustrating in the sense that we believed that this was the most important thing we wanted to design.... being the one room that will be the most used and seen by all.

We decided on the look of the Harrison, from HomeCrest and a caramel color stained Maple, for the finish. The formica will be the Colorado Slate, with beveled edges.

The main design element that we tried to focus on, was the fireplace, being at a 45 degree angle. We wanted to have that as a theme and used that for the angle of the peninsula. I wanted to be able to sit at the counter and be able to look out through the deck door and since, people always seem to congregate in the kitchen I also wanted it to be a comfortable leaning/sitting area for our guests.

The stove will be facing into the dinning/living room area. Mostly the reason I wanted to kitchen set up like this, is to have a view of the fireplace. I believe, this will be an awesome way to spend cooking... to have a view of my friends leaning on the counter, while a fire crackles in the background :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Roofing & Tyvek HomeWrap

Wednesday, April 27

The guys were on the roof again, but this time they were nailing the tarpaper into place. They'll also being doing the Tyvek HomeWrap. Tyvek, as the company says, is "your home's protective envelope". It's basically a moisture barrier that gets wrapped around the house, installed between the siding and the sheathing to reduce air and moisture.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Tuesday, April 26

It was a pleasant surprise to drive up to the house, after work and see a chimney for the fireplace that I've always wanted. I can't wait 'til we can have our first fire.


Tuesday, April 26

When I was taking today's morning photos, I looked up on the roof and got a morning wave from one of the guys. I find it cool how we all just kinda give each other a wave saying hello.... they even wave at Mom and Dad now, when they drive by.

They're continuing to apply the plywood to the trusses. They have a fairly nice day to work today, so I'm expecting that they'll have things done, like they said, by Thursday.

I just got word from Tim that, along with meeting up with Mike and the forman, Joe, on Thursday, we also have an appointment with the kitchen place. yipppeeee.... finally get to pick out our kitchen.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Monday, April 25

I didn't think that they would do any work today, due to the crapy rainy day, but I guess it didn't stop them from started on installing the roof. Currently they're installing plywood over the trusses and should be finished by Thursday, if the weather cooperates.

With half the plywood installed, it gave a better idea of what kind of light we'll be getting in the house. I think that deck door was a perfect request for the kitchen. That, plus the window on the garage side, will give the kitchen awesome light.

Even though the living/dinning and kitchen makes for a long room, the nice large 6 foot window in front, matched with the windows in the kitchen, should give the house some decent light.

Upcoming Schedule -
We'll be meeting with Mike and the forman at noon on Thursday on site and go over things and discuss what's next. And now that the framework is up, we can contact the kitchen place and order everything. We're told it'll take about 2 or so weeks after that for ordering time.

House framed

Monday, April 25

Now it's starting to look like a house! When I got home from work, on Friday, I was literally amazed and in awe over how fast the rest of the walls, framework and trusses had gone up. I was standing in front of what now looks like a house. It was pouring, but that didn't stop me from climbing inside and looking around.

The last I heard from Tim on Friday, they weren't suppose to get the trusses up til today or tomorrow, but we jokingly said that it must have been the pizza, cause they certainly hauled butt, after Tim had left.

The first room that you'll see, after walking in the front door is the living room. In the pic, you can see the vaulted ceiling, the landing for the 2nd floor on the left and the right wall being the garage wall. Farther back is the dinning and then the kitchen, with the deck door on the back wall.

Being in the kitchen and looking back, toward the front, you'll see the fireplace framed in the left corner, next to the front window, in the living room. As you pan toward the back of the house and look out the window towards the garage, there's my cool oversized bonsai tree framed perfectly in the widow :)

I climbed up to the 2nd floor and got a pic of the master bed and the view out of the back window in the room.... oooh what an awesome view for a master bed.... well... after we get rid of the swamp.

Looking down, from the 2nd floor landing, my favorite thing is that it gives a fantastic view of both the fireplace, to the right and of the deck door, to the left.

Looking from the front, you can see the first floor (living room) has a nice sized front window, and both the sub-level bedroom and 2nd floor bedrooms nice sized front windows as well. We had the roof-line extended, above the entrance, for more protection for our guests. We also added a window on the front wall of the garage, in preparation for a future conversion into a large dinning area and master bedroom. And both the bottom of the living room and garage window frames will dip slightly below the top of the stonework that we'll be adding to the front.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Upper walls & Trusses

Friday, April 22

The trusses were being craned off the truck, when I drove by the lot on the way to work. The guys waved, when I walked up to the truck. The one said to me, by the time I get out of work, it will be looking more like a house.

I watched them crane off the trusses and lower them onto the ground. At first they just craned a couple, but they did crane a whole bunch all together that was fun to watch. It was quite impressive how much that crane can lift. When it moved the bundle off the truck, we all had gone "whoa", along with chuckles, to the size of the load it was moving through the air.

11:30p -
Mom called me before lunch and told me she'd email me pics of the progress. Her email was titled "Up it goes!!!". In it were 2 pics of the house which showing some of the 2nd floor walls. I wanted to see it in person sooooo badly after I had seen the pics.

Afternoon -
Tim had called me in the afternoon. He had gone over there, with his parents. He said it looks great. He had also picked up a couple of pizza's for the guys. They told him we're spoiling them. He also mentioned to Tim that they like working on smaller houses..... and people with larger houses always seem to just pay for it and pick up the keys, whereas smaller home owners get more involved and like to get to know what's going on, as well as bring them treats :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Preparing for Upper Walls

Wednesday, April 20

Now that the AdvanTech is all squared away, the workers are preparing the structure for the 2nd floor and upper-walls. Unfortunately, the forecast is calling for rain today and the rest of the week... which is a pooper, but we'll see how it goes.

View of our front entrance