Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Digging the hole

Tuesday, April 5

I was almost to work, when I received a cell call from Tim. Apparently, our excavator was on the way to the lot and they wanted one of us on site. He called me right before I got to work, so basically, I got there and then left to go to the lot.

When I got there, the excavators were already clearing the last of the trees on the left. The excavator wanted to talk about how high we wanted the house to set on the land. The lot is very low and he needed us to decide how much we were comfortable that would inevitably cause issues with drainage on the lot and with the swells (drainage ditches).

Tim got there just was they were talking down the biggest tree on the left. This sucker was "huuuuuuge". The digger had to chop the root system with the scoop. Resembling the motion, kinda like an big axe, he cut right through the roots and pushed it out of the ground, as if it was a small twig.

It was sooo sad, but I know we'll be planting beautiful trees soon in their place. maybe I can plant a paper birch tree there, which is one of my favorite trees.

As we left the lot, they were digging the hole. It's amazing how that truck can just scoop up the ground, like it was nothing. It was filling up with water so fast, due to the wet spring we've had so far. As he was digging, he'd build up the land where the garage will be going, as well as building up the land, so that he would sink less. It was fun to watch this large machinery, in a sense be an extension of an arm.

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